Raising Godly Children in a Digital Age (2)

Raising Godly Children in a Digital Age (2)

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Welcome to another exciting time. Each time the Word of God comes, it comes new to refresh and edify you spirit, soul and body. It is no longer hidden that the agenda of the enemy is to perverse the lives of children with technology; however, it is pertinent to learn and understand the possible ways of raising godly children in this digital age. On this note, this subject has been prepared by God to help us as parents: Raising Godly Children in a Digital Age.

It is the will of God that you embrace child training as a commandment from God and practice it with the same seriousness with which you pay your tithe. I want you to realise that although child training is a commandment, it is also a process which must be continued over a period of time. So, don’t give up when results do not come forth immediately; however, if you faithfully train your children, you can then expect God to fulfil His part. God never commands the impossible, He is too faithful. Nevertheless, with the development in science and technology, it is relevant that your guidance as a parent needs to match the requirements of the ‘Digital Era’.

Tips that helps you Get Involved in Your Child’s Digital Engagement.

  • Be a Mentor.

You don’t just spy at every little thing your child searches, opens and sends via the internet; rather as a parent, you are to teach them lessons so you can sleep well at night knowing they are well-guided and teach them all they need to know about the dangers of wrong internet sites. However, being a mentor creates an opportunity for kids to feel comfortable talking to you about their digital activities. Of course, you cannot guide your kids well if you do not know how to handle technology itself. Engage yourself in what they are engaging in so you can have a first-hand experience, know what to develop and avoid them from getting negatively influenced by them.

  • Teach them the Purpose of the Digital Gadgets.

Teens at present can’t be refrained from using gadgets and the internet because this will pull them a step backward from the requirements of their environment. Schools require research, digital communication and computer skills. You need to make it clear with your kids that technology is not meant for entertainment alone. If they are starting to change face-to-face connections with other people through so much online socialisation, you need to impose a cutback. Of course, you cannot guide your children if you do not know the workings of technology. In this aspect, you can request for their assistance.

  • Your Children Should Understand that Technology is Not Outside your Authority.

Some children tend to respect their parents authority in things such as doing the chores, being a good student and getting home on time. What you need to make them understand is that when it comes to technology, you should also have a hand. Once you understand these essential reminders in protecting your child from the dangers of the internet and its benefits, you are all set to be a ‘cool and techy’ but responsible parent. Orient your children that you will be involved to learn technology skills together. Before anything else, let them know and understand why you have to interfere on their digital engagements. Young people (not to offend the older ones) tend to learn technology faster. As a way of interacting with your child and knowing their attitudes towards the digital platforms, you should let them teach you some of the technology hacks.

  • Create an Environment for Openness and Always Set a Good Example for Them.

Create an environment where your children will be open enough to discuss anything concerning their internet experiences. Understand their experiences, and try not to be quick to judge or attack them, understand their perspective and try giving them proper orientation of how best to resolve any issue if occurred. Also, set rules and follow them. Most of the time, your children follow what you do more than what you say. For instance, restrict them from using their smartphones during family meals, likewise you should be ready to do same too. Their circle of friends should also not be limited within the bounds of social networking sites.

  • When You Prevent them from Doing Something Inappropriate, Specifically Explain Why.

They need to know the underlying principles that restrict them from taking specific actions in relation to technology. Penalise their disobedience and reward their submission. As much as you apply consequences to their unnecessary actions, appreciate their compliance and reward them for it.

  • Make them Understand that You Have a Certain Set of Beliefs and Principles Different from the Standards of the Internet and Other People.

At present, the internet has its own definition of right and wrong. Educate your children about your family’s set of principles to guide them with what they should believe.

  • Ensure that Your Children’s Digital Engagement Does Not Restrict their Physical Activities and Personal Interactions with Others.

Listen to your children’s inputs and opinions, also examine your child’s internet influences. Be friends with their social media friends and follow the celebrities they follow so you can brief them with what to imitate and ignore. Of course, your kids also have something to say; let them state their position on things so you can access whether you have to improve on some areas.

  • Establish Limits, Routines and Guidelines.

Establish a limit to the amount of time they spend on the internet, the type of websites they are allowed to surf. Provide them with the proper guidelines in setting up their social media accounts. Use parental control software on the websites your child is restricted to reach and keep the computer in a central location Seek advice from experts on technology on how best to set guidelines for your children. Computers should not be kept inside your children’s rooms where they can lock themselves inside and navigate without anyone to monitor, rather it should be placed in the open. For children, the internet is tempting; therefore, block those unnecessary sites before they can even be able to launch them. Control your children from assessing social media based on age, kids below 13 can use smartphones for certain applications but they cannot set up their social media accounts yet. The internet is just waiting for your use, hence research better options and learn technical aspects from experts on how to improve parenting in the digital age.

  • Explain to them that they Should Not Believe Everything they See On the Internet.

Make your kids understand that their self-worth should not be dictated or validated by the internet. Too much exposure on social media that creates conventional standards on beauty, wit and attitude can build your child’s insecurities. Let them understand that they should not base their own standards on them. At present, some companies will present unreal news items to get engagements and profit from them, so let them know that there are certain licensed sites that present reliable information.

  • Technology Should Solve Problems Not Create them.

If your child is starting to struggle instead of have ease in using technology, you should help them understand what’s no longer healthy. Develop your child’s suppleness to the threats and challenges of the internet. Technology empowered bullying as much as it empowered self-confidence. Tell them that online judgments are far from reality.

Raising godly children this digital era cannot be achieved without the grace of God. The grace of God cannot be acquired without accepting Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. Do you wish to accept Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour? Then, you can say this prayer of faith: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for delivering me from sin, pride, arrogance and self-pity and all the lies of satan to serve the living God and thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom, in Jesus name! Amen.

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