“…Both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.”

-Psalm 64:6-

Relationships can be very interesting, because the heart of man is very deep and it is impossible to know what someone else is thinking. So many have fallen victim of a misinterpreted relationship and some others have cried of heart break when there was no real heart to heart involvement in the first place.

There was this story of a beautiful young lady, who worked with this gentle and God-fearing boss. He was so nice to her and would encourage her whenever she needed it. He was the complimentary type, so it didn’t take him anything to make compliments to her when she did something exceptional, or even just looked nice.

This young lady on the other hand, misinterpreted his kind gestures and thought he was interested in her. When he brought her an invitation card to his wedding, she was so heartbroken.  This is only one example why you must never assume a relationship. That someone is being polite and friendly does not mean that he or she is interested in you. A relationship should be consciously entered into by both parties.

When you feel that someone is getting too close to or fond of you, it is wisdom to politely ask for a definition of your relationship. This way, there will be no confusion. Moreover, the biggest clarity you need is from God. So, as long as you are not cleared on both aspects, your relationship still remains platonic. You will not miss it in the name of Jesus!

Remain Blessed!