And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death.







    On Friday May 18, 2018, when Pastor Faith Oyedepo came to Ojuore, I received my healing miracle. I have been battling with depression for 14 years which as a result gave me Chronic Ulcer on my chest. Some weeks ago, it became so worse especially the Thursday before she came.  I took my Children’s picture and was weeping, telling the Lord to have mercy on me because of them and heal me. Lo and behold! The Lord sent His anointed the next day and I am Healed.  

    TESTIFIER:— Mrs. Folashade James.


    “I joined this Commission in December 2012, prior to that time, my courtship was greatly challenged, as I had issues with my fiancé because certain men of God told us that we were not compatible, that we could not get married.

    However, during Shiloh 2012, my Fiancé invited me to this Church, on that night Bishop David Oyedepo declared that: ‘Eyes have not seen; ears have not heard what the Lord has in plan for you.’ And he held the hand of Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo and declared that as there is settlement here, there will also be settlement in our lives. Immediately, my fiancé asked me if I heard what the Bishop just said. I replied in the affirmative. That settled our differences and we got married in April 2014. Also, we are blessed with two boys, the first was born in 2015 and the second in 2017. God also blessed us with our own house, we are also the landlord of two different flats and God also blessed us with our own car. To God be all the glory!”

    TESTIFIER:  Mrs. Elizabeth Odunayo Aina



       “We got married in December 2004 and joined the Commission as a couple in 2005. My wife is also a member of the choir. Ever since, we had been believing God for the fruit of the womb. Every year, we were coming out with our points of contact, during the Covenant Day of Fruitfulness. However, in 2010, through the breakthrough messages that we had been receiving, we decided to have a change of method. So, we were coming out to give thanks to God on the Covenant Day of Fruitfulness for what He had done, rather than coming with a point of contact. In Shiloh 2010, we positioned ourselves as well. We came forward to God and covenanted that in the following Shiloh (2011) that we won’t be coming as husband and wife, but as a family. Also, in the choir, there is this song that ministered unto my wife that says, ‘God is too faithful to fail.’  We keyed into that song and, we made it our family anthem. To the glory of God, and true to His faithfulness, God gave us a bouncing baby boy on Shiloh 2011 Friday morning. We named him Oluwaloseyifunmi, David Ilesanmi. Our God is, indeed, too faithful to fail. We have given this testimony to the glory of God, for His utmost faithfulness in our lives, and for making all things beautiful in His time. We want to appreciate our Bishop for his words of encouragement that have been flowing from this wonderful altar, on a daily basis. Praise the Lord!” 

    TESTIFIER —Bro. Femi, I.




    “Over a year ago my menstrual cycle stopped flowing. I went to different hospitals for test and I have taken so many drugs, but no result. Last year, I stopped taking drugs and put all my hope in God alone. I grabbed the book: Rescued from Destruction, and ate it like food. I kept at it, trusting God for restoration. I stopped praying for myself but for others who have the same problem and did not give up on God. The captivity turning God who turned mama’s story around when all hope was lost has done mine too. To Him alone I return all the Glory and praise forever.”  

    —    TESTIFIER : Adeoye B.