And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death.







    I came across your messages and encouragements on Facebook 3 years ago and it made me think differently. I just want to thank you for the impact you have had on my life. I bless the name of God for using you to help me become who I am today. You’re various books, and your messages on family, marriage and daily encouragement have shaped my life forever. Indeed your life is an example that we can actually be proverbs 31 ladies. On this special day, I pray God will keep strengthening you, blessing you, empowering and inspiring you to keep leading us with the right example. Thanks for everything. Happy Birthday once again. 


    TESTIFIER    Aisha Njeba  


    ‘May God continue to bless you and Honour you Ma. I have been blessed by your Messages on Healing on Domi Radio, and your words of wisdom on Family Life through your Social Media platform every day. Ma, you are a great teacher by God’s grace, your teaching on the Shiloh platform on Meekness and the Love of God had proven my Heart Continues to God and it has changed My Life. Mummy, you are an Asset to this generation and generation to come, you shall be Fat and flourishing in Jesus’ Name!’

    TESTIFIER: Yomi Balogun.



     As newlyweds, the devil struck into our home, my husband suddenly changed, and my home was in shambles, almost on the verge of collapse. I prayed, it was as if things were going from bad to worse. I went for counseling, I was told to leave the marriage, but I remembered the word of God which says ‘The Lord hates putting away, then I realized that it was the devil who was raising his ugly head in our home. Then I decided to come to Shiloh 2017 on the ground. I said ‘this must be my turning point’, and the God of Shiloh must settle my case. I came to Shiloh in tears and pain, but I decided never to be distracted, I opened up my heart to every word from the altar. During one of the ministrations in the Hour of Visitation, God’s servant – Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo mentioned my case, she said: “some of you are here married, but you wished you were single, but I have got good news for you, it shall be new dawn in your home”. Immediately I shouted Amen! That’s me! And truly that was it! Till date everything turned around in my marriage like a dream of the night, my marriage has indeed been blissful. I give all the glory to the God of Shiloh who confirms the word of His servant. Indeed Shiloh is a mountain of solutions.

     TESTIFIER : Esther U.

  • It’s my year of breaking limits, God has healed me from chronic toothache through one of Mama’s books, HEALING, HEALTH, AND WHOLENESS since 2015 till present date I am completely free from it. Wonderful God, I thank you. Mama Oyedepo you have been a blessing and will always be a blessing to me, more of my testimony is coming this year Shiloh 2020 mothers and fathers of the nation. Amen. Praise God.

    TESTIFIER :— Opeoluwa R.




    I want to thank God for using this church LIVING FAITH CHURCH to save me in 2013, and open my eyes to the reality of life. Through your book “Dignity of a Believer” there I discovered that I can and am qualified to get married and be somebody’s husband if I will prepare myself for it. Thanks to God am happily married for 5 yrs. and 4 months now. Praise God.

        TESTIFIER:Caleb Champion.