And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death.







    I was a member of Winner Church but left due to challenges. The enemy stroke and I lost all I had. One day, Pastor Faith Oyedepo came for outreach at Lafenwa area. She prayed with me and invited me to the Encounter with Destiny service where I got the Word that boosted my faith at the service. That same day, God showed up for me, as I stepped out of the service. I met a brother that I saw last 23 years ago. He asked for my CV and the next day, I was offered a job with a mouthwatering salary. Not just that, I found favour with the director of the company, as he made me his right-hand man.

    Secondly, I had a strange headache and got sponsorship to the hospital where I was diagnosed to have cholesterol in the veins that transmit blood to the brain. But I partook in the Communion and believed God for my healing and immediately, some dark smelly yellow ship substance came out of my nose and since then, the headache ceased.

    I went back to the hospital for a checkup and was told that the dark smelly yellow ship substance that came out of my nose is the cholesterol in the brain. I have come to return all the glory to the God of Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo who has done these great things. 


    TESTIFIER — David Adewunmi.


    I met with Pastor Faith Oyedepo on the 13th November 2020 at Atan axis. She prayed and invited us to worship at Canaanland on Sunday which I did. I came to Faith Tabernacle on Sunday 15th November for the first time, while the man of God Bishop David Oyedepo was preaching something like fire came out of me and I notice that all the symptoms of High blood pressure disappeared. I thank God Almighty for healing me completely. – 

    TESTIFIER: Bro Joe .


  • Change of Story

    Praise the Lord! I met with Pastor Faith Oyedepo during an outreach held in my location in February 2022 and was invited to Church same day. Before then, I had experienced several afflictions, rejections, and sufferings. My husband has been paralyzed for years., My Husband’s affliction left us with nothing. During this period two of my children were kidnapped and another had a sore on her leg which refused to heal, I was downtrodden and so depressed. I barely had my bath, brushed my teeth, or removed the scarf I used to cover my hair for about 3 years. I never washed nor combed my hair. After I joined this Commission, did Believers’ Foundation Class, and joined a service unit, things began to change. God took over my battles. People refused to associate with me because I was so unkempt; but today, God has decorated me and my children have been found. God has restored my joy and showed me mercy. Every depression has been lifted off of my life and my business that was shut down is now flourishing. People now love and show me favour. I was previously begging to eat, but I now live in abundance. God has really fought my battles. To Him be all the glory! – 

     TESTIFIER : Mrs. Ugbo Roseline.


    “I was born into a Muslim family, and as a little child, I used to be very weak and sickly. As a young man, I was always preaching that Islam was the way for people. For several years, I worked in a company where I resigned angrily from the company after I knew that some of my colleagues were fully staffed. Since then, I started smoking marijuana incessantly. Thereafter, a young man invited me to this church in April 2017; I gave my life to Jesus Christ during that service. Also, in the service, I heard Bishop David Oyedepo declare that if you worship here for three months and you obey every word from the altar without seeing changes in your life, then you are free to leave. The Bishop also read from the Scripture that ‘keep your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life.’ I keyed into the word, and God rescued me from marijuana addiction. Before I got saved, people used to call me a dead man. Now I am healthier and I’ve been made alive by Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!” 

    TESTIFIER :— Hassan Abdulahi



  • Multiple Breast Lumps Dissolve!

    “A year ago, I discovered lumps in my breast. I went for a scan, and one of the doctors, who examined me, suggested that both breasts be removed, to save my life.

    My father, who is a pastor in this Church, urged me often not to accept the doctor’s verdict. He bought me books authored by the Bishop and Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo. These books include Miracle Meal, The Power of the Communion Table, Healing Scriptures, etc. I read the books over and again, anointed my breasts often, and partook of the Communion. I also engaged in the mystery of Feet-washing and Mantle ministration. Six weeks ago, I went for a Cytology test at a specialist hospital where a comprehensive examination was conducted on my breasts. There, it was discovered that both breasts are cancer-free! Secondly, on Monday, April 14, 2014, I secured profitable employment in an oil and gas company after two years of graduation and six months of slavery by my former employer, who cheated on me and refused to pay my salary. I give God the glory!”

        TESTIFIER:Ekunode Abimbola