Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.There is no one that can command exploits in the Kingdom of God on earth without being blessed. It is the blessings of the Lord that turns a wilderness into a forest.

Receive this prophetic Word and declare with your mouth that;



When giving becomes your lifestyle, everything that God’s riches in glory can afford becomes your portion.
In the name of Jesus, your command of financial fortune is established today!
You shall never labour in vain again!
There shall be no more losses for you!
Every god of the land behind your business and career frustration, marital siege and failures shall be judged today!
Sicknesses and curses shall have no more hold on your life!
The devourers are rebuked for your sake, in the name of Jesus!
Your next level of breakthrough shall be stress-free!
This week is declared a most fruitful week for you!
You won’t know sorrows anymore in your life!

Remain Ever Blessed!
Jesus is Lord