And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    REVELATION 12:11


    In all my years as a believer, this midst of the year happens to be my best year in kingdom stewardship. In this wonder double season, I served God with the whole of my heart in prayers and witnessing to the lost with full expectations. I keyed into all the prophetic words, and like a dream of the night, God turned my life around. After our Sunday Communion Service in July. I left the church that morning and decided to call my husband, having separated from me for over 9 years now.  I told him that he should come and take me home and he obliged. Today, we have reconciled, despite many failed efforts in attempting to put the family together in the past. Thank you Jesus. Indeed, serving God pays.

    TESTIFER: Mich, A .


    Thank you mummy your teachings have changed my life in many ways I was involved in unholy lifestyles mainly drugs and alcohol this affect me financially physically and spiritually, but after I partook in the 21 days’ prayer and fasting to the glory of God my life took a new shape and I was transformed, now money can stay in my pocket I give God all the glory

    TESTIFER: Oliver Buchi 


    I was a full-time prostitute, a drunk and smoker. Also, I went to clubs a lot. Meanwhile, on several occasions, I came across evangelism teams and when they gave me fliers, I looked at them and threw them away. However, one day, I met them again and as usual, they gave me a flier and I collected it. I did not throw it away but settled down to read it. I saw what I was going through in the flier; so, I sent a message to the number I found on it. The person invited me to Church. I came to Church that day and I gave my life to Christ. I am now a changed person, I pray like never before and sleep in my house with my two children. I am a product of grace. I give all the glory to God

    TESTIFER: Amaka Nwosu.


    We got married in 2012 and believed God for the fruitful of the womb. In 2014 we decided to visit a gynecologist who diagnose me of having anal-ovulation and I was placed on several drugs and injections, after several month of this medication that cost close to half a Million to no avail, the gynecologist invited my husband for another series of hormonal profile test and was diagnosed of low sperm count, we both rejected the report, but stay focus on the word to receive from Jesus Christ the Doctor of all Doctors in this commission. When the Wonder Double agenda phase one came on board, we key into with all our strength and faith, In the midst of the year the mockery was so intense, but we kept on engaging in soul winning and prayers as instructed from this altar with our reward in view. Precisely during Enough is Enough Sunday service I was angry in my spirit and decided to go and register for Ante-Natal the following Monday even while I was not pregnant, on a particular clinic day every pregnant woman was being given an injection which I partook by Faith and the faithful God showed up, I was confirmed pregnant, and today I have returned with my Wonder Double testimony, OREOLUWA MOFINYINFUNOLUWA, OLUWADAMIPE, OLUWATISE, JOYS. TO God Alone be Praised.


  • Regardless of your present circumstances, the goodnews is: You can be healed, happy, successful and fulfilled. More so, You can enjoy marital restoration, and  have your miracle babies, all you need is to keep your hope, faith and love for God alive. As long as there is breathe in you God is not through with you yet, better days are ahead of you, you shall be the next testifier in Jesus name amen.

    Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo