2 Corinthians 2:14; Romans 8:37

The devil will always fight a couple destined for greatness. You may be in a relationship now and you may be going through some challenging or trying times. Don’t just throw in the towel so easily, especially if you are convinced that person is meant to be your spouse. This goes beyond settling differences between the two of you. All may be well with you both and you may see eye to eye on critical issues that will impact the home you intend to build.

However, there may be certain things that may be trying to stop your union from happening. It may be health related, financially related, even people related; it may be anything! If you’re 100% confident and you feel led by the Holy Spirit concerning that man or woman, you must be willing to stand together until you have the victory. That’s why it is not optional to be spiritually awake and alive. Don’t allow your emotions and feelings to overrule the voice of the Holy Spirit, if you want to be sure. This will keep you from wasting time fighting for something that isn’t meant to be. As long as God is in it, and you keep your faith alive, He would see you both through.

You may be married now and may be going through some trying times, the same applies. Instead of fighting against each other, accusing each other of being the adversary, stand together and fight against your common enemy, the devil. The devil will never be for marriage, especially where the couple stands strong in unity because he knows the power that lies within it.

He would never be for a marriage where forgiveness, tolerance, patience, etc flows freely. Don’t allow him to have the final say and don’t look at your home as irreparable. Everything may seem so damaged and broken now but God has everything it takes to put it back together again!



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