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Dear Reader,

Compliment of the season! I know that you can feel the air of celebration already; it is my prayer that this Christmas shall be the best you have ever experienced and the New Year would be far more glorious than this one that is fast rolling out!

We began this month’s article by understanding what thanksgiving is and how important it is to give God thanks at every step of the way. I believe you have being engaging in intense thanksgiving. If you have, I am certain that you would have experienced one or more of the wonders in it. It is my earnest prayer that every power thanksgiving carries will manifest for you in the name of Jesus Christ!

God is beautiful! He loads us daily with so many benefits. That breathe in your nostril, the food on your table, the health you enjoy and the protections from all evil attacks, to mention but a few, are part of His benefits. So, you must give Him deliberate thanks. The truth is: when you bless God daily, He will continually see that His favour on your life keep rolling in. It is written:

Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: (Psalms 103:1-2)

Every time man is confronted by a challenge, he seems to forget all of God’s benefit towards him. However, you must know that to forget God’s benefit is to provoke Him to anger. If you forget His benefits, He forgets your welfare. Do not let your need blind you to God’s uncountable favours; always take stock of His blessings and goodness in your life and that will qualify you for more of it.

Most of the time, man’s ingratitude is the reason for his undoing. If you cannot see what God has done for you, you will stop Him from doing more for you. However, when you give thanks for every minute details of your life, the effect spreads to areas beyond your imagination.

Some Benefits of Thanksgiving

  • Supernatural Multiplication: For everything that must increase, God must be gracefully acknowledged. Jesus gave thanks while He wanted to feed five thousand people, and five loaves of bread multiplied supernaturally (John 6:11).

What is that thing that seems inadequate, give God thanks for it and watch it been multiplied supernaturally. Thanksgiving as a lifestyle will establish you in a ceaseless flow of signs and wonders.

  • Access to Miracles: When you are a genuine thanksgiving, you do not need to ask or beg for miracles, you just call for them (John 11:41-44). Mountain-movers are always those who give God thanks from their hearts, because God is always with them. So, if you require speedy manifestations of God Word in your life, be a thanks giver.
  • Guarantees Change of Position: If God must change your position, thank Him for where you are now. Until you start thanking God for that little thing, you will never see great things. Remember, God can always give you what you ask for but not by murmuring and complaining (Deuteronomy 28:47-48).

A life of thanksgiving is a life of sweatless and tasteful Christian experience. Learn to focus on the past acts of God; to get your present needs met. Take your eyes off your needs and focus them on God in this season. I know that it is your time for a turnaround!

Making thanksgiving a lifestyle comes with grace and to receive grace you must first be born again. This means accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life. If you have not done this or may have drawn back on your decision to follow Him, you should say this prayer in faith:

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I believe You died and rose again for my sake. Forgive me of my sins, take over my life, make me Your child and let Your peace reign over my life. Thank you for saving me.  Now I know I am born again!

Congratulations, you are now born again! I believe that you will begin to experience the reality of the price that Jesus paid for your sins at Calvary. All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name!  Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through contact@faithoyedepo.org, OR call 07026385437 and 08141320204.

For more insight, these books authored by me are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian Bookstores: Singles With A Difference, The Spirit of Faith and Make Your Life Count.




  • Ighodaye Mike 16-12-2016

    am highly blessed with your teaching on thanksgiving

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