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Many of us have younger siblings; young nieces and nephews, or young children.  We know how kids are.

You tell them you’ll buy them a unicorn (which arguably doesn’t exist ), a football team (probably Arsenal in the hope that he can help them so they stop with their losses and win some games , sorry Arsenal fans), or all the Barbies in the world (for the young & fabulous baby girls)- & they automatically believe you.

Most adults wouldn’t dare believe a man who says he’ll give them say, a hundred million dollars.

Well, thankfully, God hasn’t called us to be His adults; He’s called us to be His children (Romans 8: 16).

He’s called us to believe Him- at all times and in all things. It’s about following Him “blindly”; going once He says go without even questioning where you may get food or some Five Alive (Coca Cola, for those who don’t know what that is), along the way. In the manner in which they call heresy (Acts 24:14), we must believe God.

I mean, if He needs to send ravens to bring you breakfast, lunch and dinner, He will! Trust Him.

The best part is, different from humans who may disappoint, He owns this world and their counterparts. I mean, think of it: right now in Saturn, it’s raining diamonds!!

As particles drop, they literally turn into diamonds. Ladies , this should make you very excited! You don’t need to worry about who can give you the biggest “small” diamond on a ring when choosing a husband; your Father can make it rain diamonds. Just for you, baby! He’s got you so covered!

We therefore need to learn to believe God wholeheartedly!

In Luke 5, Jesus told Simon, “boy, I’ve got something good for you. Let down your nets* (note the S), to get as much fish as you want!” Simon thought, “Jesus, I love you man, but… what if it doesn’t work?” But because of the respect he had for Christ, he said “Cool. I’ll let down one net. All these people you were just talking to are still here so at least if this fails, they won’t think I’m too crazy.” –& then He caught so much, He didn’t have where to put it all. He didn’t trust God enough!

May that never be our story.

My good friend and I say we (she & I) know we are crazy species; all the time. I mean, we really are aliens. We are in this world, but not of it. How cool is that? I’m an alien here on this earth- and can’t hide my features- I know nothing else. I’m programmed from my original birth planet of Heaven so I represent it on this earth. You are an alien too! How awesome!

The problem is, many of us don’t take the time to understand this identity of ours enough to put it into practice!

We trust God partially and so when He says we should give Him a sacrifice of everything, we give Him all we have in our hands except for the money your sister is holding for you, the land you’re hoping to sell or the cash you have hidden in your closet. We pretend like God doesn’t see.

We need to learn to trust God. He has the best planned for us. He’s got us so covered.

“Whatever He tells you to do, do it!”

I pray we all learn to trust Him at all times and in all things, beginning today.

In God’s love,

Joys Oyedepo.


  • Ilamosi Okolo 09-01-2016

    Wow. What a lovely and inspiring word. Thanks Joys and remain bless dear. Keep it up

  • Hensi-wells 09-01-2016

    Love (a child) trust all as itself… We fully trust like little children because we were fully trusted and counted worthy by the Heavenly Father…Irrespective of our seemingly “misfits”… And that!s because our true identity has its roots in the Father’s unwavering Love for us all…

  • Ubochioma Hilda 09-01-2016

    Tnx v much my dear.

  • Psalm Olaiwola 09-01-2016

    In God we Trust! Ok

  • Fejiro 09-01-2016

    D beginning of your homily was very humorous. So diversified & in one way or the other, they are much related. Our relationship with our niece & nephew whom they trust us without reservation is a figurative analogy of what we hurt to be when Christ is relating with us. We need to trust Him witout reservation bcos He will surely make good His promise. Thanks for the inspirational pep-talk.

  • edison 09-01-2016

    Hmmmm really don’t know what to say but am juat going to say God blesss you joy

  • olamide ojomolade 09-01-2016

    Pure truth! more grace friend!

  • Willa 05-11-2015

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    a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

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  • Akintade Motunrayo 14-08-2015

    Hmm, quite interesting. We should all be like little children.

  • Unicorn 16-07-2015

    WISDOM… #FiveAlive

  • Akuchi 09-07-2015

    I receive Grace to fully Trust you LORD at all times ,big small medium. I will say yes LORD.

  • Oyin 08-07-2015

    Truly beautiful writeup. I smiled, nodded and did some silent “hmms!” in agreement all through. This is the first article of yours I’m reading and not only am I blessed by it, I’m also genuinely impressed. 😉
    Thank you.

  • olufunmilade 08-07-2015

    Thank you sis.

  • Lamidi Oluwakemi Abiola 08-07-2015

    Thank you Joys Oyedepo, it is really an inspiring piece. God bless you.

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