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In 2010, towards the latter part of my last semester at the University, my friends and I became a little more outgoing. We were going to be graduating at different times and this time, I would be the first to leave. We were called the three musketeers, by those who knew us, and we knew that even though we would never completely be out of each other’s lives, it would be a new phase, being apart from one another. During this semester, we had a lot more fun and we honored the invitation of some of our other friends to barbeques, dinners, and the likes.

This one time, a friend of mine invited me to go to a family friend’s house. By family friend, it was another PK (Preacher’s kid)’s house and I was well aware that our parents did know each other. So, I decided to go. The musketeer’s that completed my circle couldn’t go that day so I went with two other of my friends- a girl and a guy. It was going to be one fun, relaxed evening! Barbeque, music, laughter, and revived memories with some old friends. Only thing is, at the end of the night, I was literally squirming for how I would get a taxi to take me home! Yes, it didn’t turn out as I would’ve thought.

There were quite a few alcoholic drinks there and one thing led to another, and then another thing to another, and then to another… before I knew it, more than half the house was drunk (and you know how sloppy drunks behave?).  I tried to control the situation because the friend who drove me obviously couldn’t drive me back (for reasons of preservation of life [drunk driving] and reasonable prevention of a DUI), so my next best options were either to sleep in the house (in some hidden room) or to get myself a taxi (which in my town, I never had gotten one). By this time, it was much darker; later in the evening.

I knew just how to prevent myself from being in situations like this but every once in a while, we were bound to find ourselves in awkward situations (not necessarily involving helping drunk friends get into bed so they could rest, but similar situations). The interesting part of it all is whether I was in a slightly more relaxed situation (which was about to go awry) or more advanced situations like this, my parents always knew to call.

They (one of them or sometimes, both of them) would call and ask how I was- and then at such odd times, where I was. It was a bit scary at the beginning because God wasn’t playing no jokes! He was quick enough to “reveal [the] deep and hidden things” (Daniel 2:22) to them, as it related to me. I bless God for such seasons. They would call and help reason with me on how to get myself out! I cannot tell you how many times that was a blessing. My God was saving me, even during times of great lapses in my judgments.

You have to understand though, I did not want to be in these situations: not because I was afraid that my parents would call and find out, but because I knew I was not raised that way. I knew that God would not at all be happy; and in those times, not at all pleased. I wanted to please God. I had a strong desire to make Him happy and to feel His positive presence around me at all times. These were the times that I myself was the happiest- so I craved it. What exactly is the fear of the Lord and how do I develop myself to live and walk in it? Well, we will look at that a little more in consequent weeks.

In His service,

Joys Oyedepo


  • Olutayo Moronkeji 17-05-2015

    The fear of the Lord is the foundation of the Wisdom that guarantees safety of life and possessions and also ensures peace of mind at all times.
    Thank you for being a blessing unto me.

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