Wondrous Testimonies

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death


“ In all my years as a believer, this midst of the year happens to be my best year in kingdom stewardship. In this wonder double season, I served God with the whole of my heart in prayers and witnessing to the lost with full expectations. I keyed into all the prophetic words, and like a dream of the night, God turned my life around. After our Sunday Communion Service in July. I left the church that morning and decided to call my husband, having separated from me for over 9 years now.  I told him that he should come and take me home and he obliged. Today, we have reconciled, despite many failed efforts in attempting to put the family together in the past. Thank you Jesus. Indeed, serving God pays” Mich, A .



“Thank you mummy your teachings have changed my life in many ways I was involved in unholy lifestyles mainly drugs and alcohol this affect me financially physically and spiritually, but after I partook in the 21 days’ prayer and fasting to the glory of God my life took a new shape and I was transformed, now money can stay in my pocket I give God all the glory”Oliver Buchi . 



“We got married in 2012 and believed God for the fruitful of the womb. In 2014 we decided to visit a gynecologist who diagnose me of having anal-ovulation and I was placed on several drugs and injections, after several month of this medication that cost close to half a Million to no avail, the gynecologist invited my husband for another series of hormonal profile test and was diagnosed of low sperm count, we both rejected the report, but stay focus on the word to receive from Jesus Christ the Doctor of all Doctors in this commission. When the Wonder Double agenda phase one came on board, we key into with all our strength and faith, In the midst of the year the mockery was so intense, but we kept on engaging in soul winning and prayers as instructed from this altar with our reward in view. Precisely during Enough is Enough Sunday service I was angry in my spirit and decided to go and register for Ante-Natal the following Monday even while I was not pregnant, on a particular clinic day every pregnant woman was being given an injection which I partook by Faith and the faithful God showed up, I was confirmed pregnant, and today I have returned with my Wonder Double testimony, OREOLUWA MOFINYINFUNOLUWA, OLUWADAMIPE, OLUWATISE, JOYS. TO God Alone be Praised ”Mr and Mrs A. IBRAHIM



“I was a full-time prostitute, a drunk and smoker. Also, I went to clubs a lot. Meanwhile, on several occasions, I came across evangelism teams and when they gave me fliers, I looked at them and threw them away. However, one day, I met them again and as usual, they gave me a flier and I collected it. I did not throw it away but settled down to read it. I saw what I was going through in the flier; so, I sent a message to the number I found on it. The person invited me to Church. I came to Church that day and I gave my life to Christ. I am now a changed person, I pray like never before and sleep in my house with my two children. I am a product of grace. I give all the glory to God - Amaka Nwosu.



“I am I stark Muslim, my father is an Alhaji and my mother an Alhaja. I never want to hear or talk to any Christian, in fact, whenever I see any Christian programme while watching TV, I always shut it down. It happened two Thursday ago that my wife who was pregnant fell into labour. The labour started in the morning on Thursday and till Friday night she could not deliver the baby, the Doctors called me to come and carry her as they have done all they could do without any solution. At the hospital, with my wife in the labour room I looked up, not knowing what to do and who to call, I called upon the God of Oyedepo saying, God of Oyedepo, if you are the one that sent him and you are truly a living God, since the God I believe could not deliver me, make my wife to give birth, and suddenly my wife that could not give birth suddenly pushed and two babies came forth. I am dazed at the God of Oyedepo. I am here to return all the glory to Him. He is a wonder working God, I shall serve Him till the end of my Life - Idris Babatunde .



“At the age of eight, my grandmother, who worshipped a principality, told me I was going to take over from her. After she died, while I was in SS 1, the principality appeared to tell me it was time to take over and I refused. Ever since, he had made life unbearable for me. I gained admission to school but at a point, I could not continue because I lost everything including my parents. Also, I was afflicted with a strange sickness; deaf and dumb spirit. Thereafter, I came in contact with this Commission in July 2018. After attending the Believer’s Foundation Class and was baptised in water, I excreted three things that looked like a snail. That same night, I had a dream and a man in white suit said, “Go down to Zion, Canaanland, and meet with my servant for your liberty, academic freedom and above all, anointing.” 
On August 3rd 2018, I came to Canaanland; thereafter, I met with Pastor David and he prayed for me. When I got home, I vomited a thick white substance and immediately, I stated hearing and talking. To God be all the glory- Anye Philip.



“I want to return all the glory to God, because He has done a lot in my life. I have a friend, who was still barren at the age of 48. I told her in the year 2009, when I was coming to Shiloh 2009, that I am going to Shiloh and that the God of David Oyedepo will give her a child.  She said, “It is not possible at my age.” She was 48 years old then. I answered her and said ‘Sarah was older than you and God gave her a child. To God be the glory, in the year 2010, she became pregnant. On September 17, 2011, when she became 50 years of age, she put to bed with a set of triplet.  She said to me, ‘I asked for one, but God has given me three children at once: Two girls and one boy.’I am here to return all the glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo- Gbaguidi P.



“A year ago, I discovered lumps in my breast. I went for a scan and one of the doctors who examined me, suggested that both breast be removed to save my life.My father, who is a pastor in this Church, urged me often not to accept the doctor’s verdict. He bought me books authored by the Bishop and Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo. These books include: MIRACLE MEAL, THE POWER OF THE COMMUNION TABLE, HEALING SCRIPTURES, etc. I read the books over and again, anointed my breasts often, and partook of the Communion. I also engaged the mystery of Feet-washing and Mantle ministration. Six weeks ago, I went for a Cytology test at a specialist hospital where a comprehensive examination was conducted on my breasts. There, it was discovered that both breasts are cancer free! I give God the glory .- Ekunode Abimbola



“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2015. I travelled out of the country for treatment. After the full course of the treatment in January, the doctors saw lesions in my lungs and breasts, which had gotten bigger when compared with the previous scan. This confused all the medical persons involved and I was told to start another round of chemotherapy. I refused and told them that if the first one did not work, then there is no chance that the second round would work. Meanwhile, about 8 million naira had already been spent treating me. So, I knew that this was now between God and I. I therefore engaged in Kingdom advancement prayers and prayed all the 60 prayer points every day. I chattered a cab and went for outreach, sharing tracts and telling people to come and meet the God Who healed me of cancer. Meanwhile, my breast was burning with pain and I had reduced in weight from 85kg to 59kg; yet, I did not give up. I told myself that this is the last straw needed to break the camel’s back. I hadn't been to Canaanland this year, but I came to church with two people for that service, with my faith fully charged. On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, I went for series of scans and blood tests. To the glory of God, all the things which were seen in the previous scan of February 6, 2016 were no more there. My health is totally restored, I am healed. God's Word never fails..- Ezioma Mbagwu .



“I joined this Commission in June 2018 during the “Operation 615” Prophetic Season via an invitation by a brother. In August, 2015 my wife had an accident that claimed the lives of everyone in the vehicle except my wife. Consequently, this led to a broken spinal cord that landed her at the Federal Medical Centre, for treatment. She has been in the hospital for more than two years lifeless, even the doctors told me that if she survives it, she would be paralysed for life. I sold every property that belonged to me, lost my job, my children dropped out of school and eventually relocated back to my hometown with all hope lost. Due to this affliction, I got confused and on a certain day in the month of June 2018, while on my way to meet with someone in the neighbouring community for an assistance, I met with some members of this church who were on evangelism in my community; who told me that the God of this Commission can deliver my wife from that affliction; that all I need to do is to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and be in church the following Sunday so I can meet with God for my change of story, I obliged to do so. On coming to church on Sunday, I heard the word of God the way I have never been taught. I gave my life to Christ. Just like a dream of the night God showed up; after three days, one of the doctors called me to come to the hospital immediately, on my arrival I saw my wife running to hug me by herself. Then, the doctor told me that indeed, God has healed her. As I am talking to you now, she has been discharged from the hospital and walking by herself without any support. Of a truth, the God of Bishop David Oyedepo is Mighty! Thank you Jesus.- Charles Ogidi




Jesus is Lord!