Wondrous Testimonies

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death

Testimonies: The wonders of God’s finger among us!

“A year ago, I discovered lumps in my breast. I went for a scan and one of the doctors who examined me, suggested that both breast be removed to save my life.My father, who is a pastor in this Church, urged me often not to accept the doctor’s verdict. He bought me books authored by the Bishop and Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo. These books include: Miracle Meal, The Power of the Communion Table, Healing Scriptures, etc. Six weeks ago, I went for a Cytology test at a specialist hospital where a comprehensive examination was conducted on my breasts. There, it was discovered that both breasts are cancer free! I give God the glory!” – Ekunode Abimbola



“I have return to give God all the glory for supernaturally restoring my health. I met Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo today 28th June 2018 at Onibukun Iju Atan- Ota in Ogun State where my office is located. She was preaching the word of God. Meanwhile I had been very sick for the past five (5) days without any improvement. She blessed us and we were given tracts and fliers which she told us to read the same day. When I got back home, I picked the materials I was given and began to read them. In the process I slept off and had a dream where I saw the Bishop ministering and praying for people somewhere in Sango. He said it is well with you! By the time I woke up from that dream all symptoms of the sickness had vanished and now I am whole.” - Nworie Chukwudi.



“We got married in 2009 and ever since the devil has been afflicting us. My wife had several miscarriages. We even had a child that reached full term but didn’t stay.We joined this Commission and we keyed into every word of God from the Bishop and the word of God entered into us. We kept speaking the Word.During the 30th Anniversary, we praised God; since then, we kept praising God every night, using the 30th Anniversary mantle, using the anointing oil, the blood of sprinkling.During Shiloh, in my centre, I was the only man that danced to the front with baby items. People where looking at me but I didn’t mind. In January, during the 21 days of fasting and prayer, we didn’t even know that my wife was pregnant. We just discovered that the devil struck, and she was rushed to the hospital. I said, ‘devil, you came too late!’ The affliction ceased!The pregnancy stayed and today we have come with our baby- Esther, Araoluwa, Chibuchi! Praise God!”- Mr. & Mrs. Olumide, A.




 “It all started in the year 2003, when we got married.  We believed God for the fruit of the womb, but it seemed as if nothing was happening. We keyed into the prophecies from this exalted altar. We also read the book, You Shall Not Be Barren, authored by, Bishop David Oyedepo. In 2010 Shiloh, I told God, ‘If you cannot do it, let it remain undone.’ When we were asked to write down our miracle baby’s names, I wrote the names down. When I got home, I made sure I soaked the name in anointing oil. Those names are still in the anointing oil till today. I believed that God would do it. I told God that when it happens, He shouldn’t let anyone know my wife is pregnant until after six months. After 11 months, nobody knew my wife was pregnant. On May 31, my wife gave birth to our babies-Faith and David! Praise the Lord!”- Bro. Victor, O.



“On Friday May 18, 2018, when Pastor Faith Oyedepo came to Ojuore, Ogun State Nigeria. I received my healing miracle. I have been battling with depression for 14 years which resulted in Chronic Ulcer on my chest. Some weeks ago, it became so severe especially the Thursday before I met her.  I took my Children's picture and was weeping, telling the Lord to have mercy on me because of them and heal me. Lo and behold! The Lord sent His anointed the next day and I am Healed.  Praise the Lord!” -Mrs. Folashade James.



“I gave my life to Christ when I met pastor Faith Oyedepo in one of her outreaches and she invited me to Church. If I hadn’t been invited to this Church I will not know that God changes people’s story. Since I started attending Winners Chapel, my business, family and life has changed.  I thank God for Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo.



“I lived with a friend in a one room apartment with four other people and at a point living there became unbearable. However, I joined this Commission fully in March 2018. Thereafter, I gave my life to Christ. When Operation 615 was flagged off, I engaged in Kingdom advancement endeavours and God showed up! God gave me an apartment that was fully furnished. I give God all the glory!” - Victoria Adedapo







Jesus is Lord!