Wondrous Testimonies

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death

Testimonies: The wonders of God’s finger among us!


“I believed God for the fruit of the womb since 1993. Although I have been coming to church with children; they are my sisters’. I went to the doctor and they said I had Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). I started taking the Communion and Anointing oil. I got pregnant and didn’t even know. The day I gave birth I didn’t know I was pregnant. One morning, I felt some pain in my tummy and so I asked my sisters’ child to go and buy tetracycline. After taking the drugs I gave birth to my baby without even knowing I was pregnant! Praise the Lord!”  -Sis. Olubanwo, I.




“I joined this Commission in December 2012, prior to that time, my courtship was greatly challenged, as I had issues with my fiancé because certain men of God told us that we were not compatible, that we could not get married. However, during Shiloh 2012, my fiancé invited me to this Church, on that night Bishop David Oyedepo declared that: ‘Eyes have not seen; ears have not heard what the Lord has in plan for you.’ And he held the hand of Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo and declared that as there is settlement here, there will also be settlement in our lives. Immediately, my fiancé asked me if I heard what the Bishop just said. I replied in the affirmative. That settled our differences and we got married in April 2014. Also, we are blessed with two boys, the first was born in 2015 and the second in 2017. God also blessed us with our own house, we are also the landlord of two different flats and God also blessed us with our own car. To God be all the glory!”-Mrs. Elizabeth Odunayo Aina.




“I joined this commission after Shiloh 2015. I was looking up to God for a change of story in my family. There is no year we don't do a burial and sometimes two and mostly it is youth burial. The highest is 50 years of age. It got so bad that a neighbour told me one-day Is it only burial you do in your family no celebration I was ashamed.  Also we experience martial delay in my family. For my 30yrs on earth only one person has ever gotten married both my paternal and maternal side. So many educated and pretty ladies yet men are not coming to ask for our hands in marriage. And we are getting older as the year goes by. I keyed into the last year 21 days prayer and fasting with all diligence and other prophetic declaration during the year, then the martial door opened. I and my siblings are all married. Seven (7) of my cousins got married too. From that time till now, we have not done any burial again. I thank the God of this commission for changing our story. - Mrs Ebere, E.



“I met with Pastor Faith Oyedepo in March 2019 when she came for an outreach along Baba Ode road, Onibukun Ota.  I had suffered from snake like movement in my body for over 20 years and this had been an issue of concern for me. However, that day, I gave my life to Christ and also attended the Faith Tabernacle on her invitation; the first Sunday I stepped my foot on Canaanland ground, on getting home, I defecated a snake like object and felt a deep relief in my body, the movements also ceased. I have returned to give God all the glory for supernaturally delivering me from this plague of 20 years. To Him be all the glory! – Hannah John



“I gave my life to Christ when I met pastor Faith Oyedepo in one of her outreaches and she invited me to Church. If I hadn’t been invited to this Church I will not know that God changes people’s story. Since I started attending Winners Chapel, my business, family and life has changed.  I thank God for Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo.



“I lived with a friend in a one room apartment with four other people and at a point living there became unbearable. However, I joined this Commission fully in March 2018. Thereafter, I gave my life to Christ. When Operation 615 was flagged off, I engaged in Kingdom advancement endeavours and God showed up! God gave me an apartment that was fully furnished. I give God all the glory!” - Victoria Adedapo







Jesus is Lord!