Wondrous Testimonies

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death

Testimonies: The wonders of God’s finger among us!

“I joined this Commission in 2001. I got married on the 18th of September 2010 and I conceived immediately. During the 7th month of the pregnancy, I discovered that my body was swollen. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said I had high blood pressure. I knew within my spirit that it was a spiritual attack. Due to this illness, I had still birth in the month of June, 2011. During that trying period, I read Rescued From Destruction, authored by Pastor Faith Oyedepo. I got a revelation in one of the chapters that, the best place to be in the time of trouble is the house of God. That revelation encouraged me to be more committed in kingdom stewardship. To the glory of God, I conceived again. The Lord fulfilled the word of His servant, the Bishop, that in the year 2012, we are all moving from terrestrial to celestial and no shame will be identified with us this year.In the month of June 2011, I was in tears. But to the glory of God, in the same month of June this year, the Lord visited us by blessing us with our baby-Hadaza Oluwajomiloju Morenike Amusan. To Him alone be all the glory!” -.--- Sis. Oluwabunmi, A.



“I used to be the head of a secret cult but when the heat was too much for me, I ran to Lagos. Thereafter, a friend invited me to this church. After giving my life to Christ, I began to engage in Kingdom advancement prayers and within a few months, my story began to change. Meanwhile, I applied for a job with an organisation outside the country and had not heard anything from them. But immediately I started engaging in Kingdom endeavours, I was called to resume my appointment with the organisation in Indonesia. I have come to return all the glory to God, who has turned my life around!” ” ---Wilson Chima



We got married in November 2014. I took in immediately but unfortunately lost the pregnancy, thus began series of miscarriages, this continued  till 2015, I came for Shiloh 2015 determined to settle my case with God, I participated in the mother of nations, and asked God to visit me which he did that same month, before the end of December 2015, I started feeling malaria, went for test and was confirmed pregnant, in January 2016 I saw signs of blood, I said I was pregnant with baby not blood, when I saw blood again in early February, I was advised to go for scan, I never saw the scan result as my husband, told me the result was not mine, that he choose to believe God, rather than the devils lies, we went for another scan which the Doctor said showed ovarian cyst. We chose to believe God. In May 2016, the scan confirmed I was pregnant with EDD set for 07/11/16. God saw me through and today I have my baby girl Toluwanimi Hephzibah Solagbade. To God alone be all the glory. ”-  - Wunmi & Dotun Solagbade.



“I have return to give God all the glory for supernaturally restoring my health. I met Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo today 28th June 2018 at Onibukun Iju Atan- Ota in Ogun State where my office is located. She was preaching the word of God. Meanwhile I had been very sick for the past five (5) days without any improvement. She blessed us and we were given tracts and fliers which she told us to read the same day. When I got back home, I picked the materials I was given and began to read them. In the process I slept off and had a dream where I saw the Bishop ministering and praying for people somewhere in Sango. He said it is well with you! By the time I woke up from that dream all symptoms of the sickness had vanished and now I am whole.” - Nworie Chukwudi.



“We got married in 2009 and ever since the devil has been afflicting us. My wife had several miscarriages. We even had a child that reached full term but didn’t stay.We joined this Commission and we keyed into every word of God from the Bishop and the word of God entered into us. We kept speaking the Word.During the 30th Anniversary, we praised God; since then, we kept praising God every night, using the 30th Anniversary mantle, using the anointing oil, the blood of sprinkling.During Shiloh, in my centre, I was the only man that danced to the front with baby items. People where looking at me but I didn’t mind. In January, during the 21 days of fasting and prayer, we didn’t even know that my wife was pregnant. We just discovered that the devil struck, and she was rushed to the hospital. I said, ‘devil, you came too late!’ The affliction ceased!The pregnancy stayed and today we have come with our baby- Esther, Araoluwa, Chibuchi! Praise God!”- Mr. & Mrs. Olumide, A.




 “It all started in the year 2003, when we got married.  We believed God for the fruit of the womb, but it seemed as if nothing was happening. We keyed into the prophecies from this exalted altar. We also read the book, You Shall Not Be Barren, authored by, Bishop David Oyedepo. In 2010 Shiloh, I told God, ‘If you cannot do it, let it remain undone.’ When we were asked to write down our miracle baby’s names, I wrote the names down. When I got home, I made sure I soaked the name in anointing oil. Those names are still in the anointing oil till today. I believed that God would do it. I told God that when it happens, He shouldn’t let anyone know my wife is pregnant until after six months. After 11 months, nobody knew my wife was pregnant. On May 31, my wife gave birth to our babies-Faith and David! Praise the Lord!”- Bro. Victor, O.



“we have come to return all thanks to God of Bishop David Oyedepo, we came here last Shiloh as barren couple after five years of marriage, we have been attending Shiloh before at viewing centers but last year Shiloh we decided to appear on ground though we were not allowed by our employers we found our way here by all means and against all odds, mummy prayed on our baby items and instructed us to dance on our baby items , we returned with faith danced with our baby items every night. something happened on the night we came on the ground my wife’s period started and anytime she saw it like that it will be as if I received a very big blow, but I told her not to worry she should ignore it, she wanted to go home and change she was stained I told her not to worry she should stay back. When papa climbed the altar the first statement he made was that any situation you don’t despise you don’t dominate. I told my wife that she should despise that period and let us move on January   she conceived and this is our bundle of Joy we have come to return all glory to God of Shiloh” – Clems and Bisola Orimuleye




Jesus is Lord!