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Wondrous Testimonies

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death


The wonders of God’s finger among us


“In September 2013, I got wedded and since then, I believed God for the fruit of the womb. After several medical tests, the result showed that I had hormonal imbalance and blocked fallopian tubes. I became afraid and contemplated seeking solution elsewhere.

Thereafter, I had a dream where a man told me that my solution is connected to the Living Faith Church. At first, the dream wasn’t clear to me; so I told one of the Pastors who advised me to abide by any declaration and prophecy from Bishop David Oyedepo. I believed every prophecy and told God to remember me whether or not I had blocked tubes.

I also participated fully in the 21-day prayer and fasting of 2015. Behold, God remembered me and that same month I got pregnant. God sustained the pregnancy and today, I have my miracle baby!” —Okeke Charity


“I thank God sincerely from the heart for backing up His word through your Inspirational article Get Set for an Encounter @ Shiloh.

I was set and God confirmed and He is still confirming His words in my life. It was an encounter that shall benefit generations.

So many lights came. Truly the glory of the present house shall be greater than the latter. I give God all the glory!!

Again, Mama, thank you. Truly every affliction has an expiry date. I am really excited. More testimonies shall be coming in. May God keep you as the apple of His eye in Jesus name.” – Jacinta



“For 21 years, my husband and I waited on the Lord for the fruit of the womb to no avail. I traveled within and outside Nigeria in search of a miracle but all efforts proved abortive.

However, during the Mothers and Fathers of Nations session at Shiloh 2014, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo prophesied that every expectant mother in that class would share their testimony on this altar.

Thereafter, we stopped praying for our own miracle baby. Instead, we prayed for others who desired the fruit of the womb. In April 2015, I suddenly felt strange. So, I went to the hospital and miraculously, I was confirmed pregnant. Today, God has blessed us with our miracle baby after 21 years of waiting. We give Him all the glory!” —Kofoworola Osinsanya



“Thank you ma, for your messages it’s been a source of encouragement for me, always timely. It has helped my spiritual life, my relationship with my spouse and even my service to God. The Lord bless you ma.” Omowunmi Kolakayode


Heaven on Earth greetings in the name of Jesus. I joined the Winners Family last month. After my baptism and anointing in the Holy Ghost, my life changed, and so did my way of thinking. There is this boldness in me that I can’t explain, and reading this Daily Devotional has made me realize that all I need to make a beautiful family is right in my own attitude. As I look forward to God for my life partner, I will continue to follow up this daily devotional because I know and am sure that my testimony is on the way. I am grateful to God that I joined this family.” Happiness Ose Okonoboh


“God bless you ma for your inspiration, thank you for the faith you are building in me, God will continue to strengthen you”— Caroline Hilary



“Thanks for this message. I was almost going astray in my courtship, but this encounter has put me back on track. I bless the Lord for spiritual mother’s like you who keep guiding us in the path of righteousness. Keep praying for us ma’am and keep charging us too. God bless your ministry. Amen!”
Amajatoja Uruemu


“Thank you Mama for this word in due season posted on your Daily Devotional titled An Ever-winning Man. I used to be scared and depressed by my instability, but today I put my confidence in God and I live knowing that I’m in the winning team therefore I can never fail in Jesus Name Amen.” Precious Anyagaligbo

Jesus is Lord!

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