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Wondrous Testimonies

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death


The wonders of God’s finger among us


“I’m writing from Canada. Your article has being a blessing to me and my marriage. As a result, my marriage has been transformed. I really want to bless God for the gift of you.”

Winnie M. (Mrs.)


“Mummy, your messages gave me counsel and guidance. I have had much difficulty in relationships but since I began to follow your messages through your books and now through this website, I now have ease in my friendships and relationships… I love you mum!”

David B.


“Praise the Lord! I read a message on Keys to a Happy Home (4) and it was awesome and I thank God for using you in that direction!”
Sanyu ( Uganda)


“Thank you ma, for your messages it’s been a source of encouragement for me, always timely. It has helped my spiritual life, my relationship with my spouse and even my service to God. The Lord bless you ma.”

Omowunmi K.


“I really enjoy your column on Family Matters , especially the articles titled, No Food for the Idle man and You Must Work. In fact, I derived so much joy in those articles, which were easily digested in my heart, along with the words of wisdom that followed it.”
Mrs. Okwudiri O.


“Peace to you in Jesus’ name!  I do read your weekly column –Family Matters, published in the newspaper.  I would like to say here that it is a God-approved column, a therapy, solution provider to many family’s (practical) problems and, in all spirituality, very educative.”
Richard A.A.


“Thanks for this message. I was almost going astray in my courtship, but this encounter has put me back on track. I bless the Lord for spiritual mother’s like you who keep guiding us in the path of righteousness. Keep praying for us ma’am and keep charging us too. God bless your ministry. Amen!”
Amajatoja U.


“I have returned with so much joy in my heart because am also a proud mother of a healthy and adorable baby girl who is four months old now.

I wrote to you last year concerning the baby I lost after birth and also received a negative report about my genotype.
To the glory of God, I now have a healthy baby. Thank you very much and God bless you for your prayers. It’s my prayer that the good Lord continue to look after my baby and keep flourishing her like a palm tree. God richly bless you!”

Sandra O. (Mrs)

Jesus is Lord!

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