“For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?”

-Luke 14:28-

With the recent happenings the World today is clouded with various activities; from official work duties, house chores, visits, phone calls to outings, virtually every day is filled with activities. There are times when you feel the day is coming to an end yet the most important things are left undone. You are often dazed at  how the day went by so fast and you can’t specifically figure out how the whole day was spent.  while there are other days when you most feel stressed out. These can be caused by lack of adequate planning of the day.

However, to  avoid this, there is need to learn how to rightly set your priorities right. Therefore, as you wake each day there is  need for  you to do a to-do-list; where you draft  the plans for the day ahead of time, with timelines. This draft would helps you plan, so you don’t have to engage in wasteful labour, or end up forgetting to do the most important things.

In this list, you need to write down from the most important to the least important, what is to be done. Take into consideration unplanned circumstances, but do not dwell on them. This will help you watch against time theft and at the close of the day, when you eventually lay on your bed to sleep, you would be proud of your achievements.

Every successful venture starts with appropriate and productive planning. This keeps you organised and helps you keep track of how well you have done for the day. Subsequently, before you start out your day or before you go to sleep for the night, take your note pad and jot down all you plan to do the next day. Ensure you go through the list to make master them. I know your labours, from now on, will be much more productive.

Remain Blessed!


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