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You are most welcome to another time in God’s presence.  Each time the Word of God comes, it comes new to refresh and edify you spirit, soul and body. It is no longer hidden that the agenda of the enemy is to perverse the lives of children with technology; however, it is pertinent to learn and understand the possible ways of raising godly children in this digital age. On this note, this subject has been prepared by God to help us as parents: Raising Godly Children in a Digital Age.

Some people lay up money, houses, clothes, cars and other possessions as an inheritance for their children but the greatest gift a mother can give to her kids is a good Christian upbringing. It is a covenant responsibility for parents especially mothers to train their children in the way of the Lord. Being a parent is an awesome responsibility, as well as a fantastic privilege! But, in spite of the demands it places upon you, you still need to keep it with dogged determination. God commands you to train up your children, and He also supplies you with the grace required for the assignment.

Raising Godly Children in a Digital Age

The rise of technology has brought a paradigm shift in parenting, reasons been that children are highly exposed to high technologies which has so far both negative and positive effects on the child development. Nevertheless, as Christian mothers, you too should not be left out of the trends of time so as to properly guide your children to have a positive outlook on the recent improvement in the world without them losing their sanity and consistent walk with God. It is no longer a surprise to parents how easy it is for children of tender ages to navigate the touch screen without fear or anxiety but with so much enthusiasm and skill. Research shows it that toddlers as young as two years can master the skill of swipe, unlock, and actively search for features on smartphones and tablet. They are exposed to these devices both at home, school, church and many other social gatherings. However, the exposure to technology has so far benefitted parents in raising godly children.

Benefits of Technology for Children

As the National Association for the Education of Young children points out in its central positioning paper on the subject of technology. It says, technology and interactive media are the tools that can promote effective learning and development when they are used intentionally by early childhood educators, within the framework of developmentally appropriate practice, to support learning goals established for individual children. It is obvious that technology has come to stay in the lives of children and this fact cannot be erased.

  • It Promotes Creativity

Kids are naturally intuitive to want to know and try new things when exposed to technology because it increases their acumen and creativity. Their knowledge about so many things grow when interacting with devices and the applications in them. While playing games, their imaginations are increased and they have access to information. Also, they learn how to interact with technology which have an attached creative form of expression. However, gaming has helped to equip children pay more attention to details. For instance, you notice how your child seems to fix his/her eyes, concentrate and pay attention to details; this helps to improve their creativity and cognitive mind.

  • It Promotes Learning

Technology has helped to enhance the learning process of children. Most online educational games, apps, developmentally appropriate software designed for childhood education can help children develop the skills they require for future learning. For example, years ago it was books, schools and libraries before computer was introduced as a new way of learning. Technology has been proven to also provide opportunities for children to gain the necessary skills to prepare them for school such as high order thinking and applied learning.

  • It Promotes Social Interaction Skill.

Research shows that children who get exposed to technologies at an early stage develop their language skills early, they are able to absorb ideas that equips them which is necessary in relating with other people. Most schools encourage children to use these devices in the process of learning such as drawing, gaming, creating projects and share ideas in groups.

  • It Promotes Developing of Skills and Talents.

The digital age has made it easy for children to develop and learn new skills such as music, writing, drawing, cooking, baking, and many other skills. It is easier now for you to discover your children’s interests and inclinations. For instance, you often see children mimicking the scenes they may have watched on TV, sing a rhyme they heard in school or hum songs frequently. They can easily pick interest in lots of things, develop their talents and skills from them.

Raising godly children this digital era cannot be achieved without the grace of God. The grace of God cannot be acquired without accepting Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. Do you wish to accept Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour? Then, you can say this prayer of faith: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for delivering me from sin, pride, arrogance and self-pity and all the lies of satan to serve the living God and thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom, in Jesus name! Amen.

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