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Prophetic Blessings

...blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

Declare these Prophetic Blessings

I bless you with all my heart!
May the financial fortune at work in our Commission become your portion!
As you engage in the covenant of tithing, I see the riches in glory become your portion in Jesus’ name!
No matter the meltdown in the nation, you shall be exempted in the name of Jesus!
While others are going through financial hardship, you will be flying in Jesus’ name!
The devourer is rebuked for your sake in the name of Jesus!
By your obedience, you shall become the envy of your mockers!
For someone reading this, you shall enjoy financial coolness!
When others are going down, I see you going high and forward!
The prosperity of heaven will continually distinguished you!
An end has come to financial struggles in your life!
This week, I declare your new order of blessings!

Jesus is Lord!

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