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Prophetic Blessings

...blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

Declare these Prophetic Blessings

  • As you stand before the Lord in prayer and fasting, I see your body quickened by the Holy Ghost!
  • You will be springing new surprises for your generation!
  • At the end of these 21 days of prayer and fasting, no sickness will be found in your dwelling in Jesus’ name!
  • Where it seems there is no way forward, you shall have divine answers in Jesus’ name!
  • By the end of this prayer & fasting season, wherever you appear, the enemy will disappear!
  • By the anointing, every yoke around your life is destroyed today!
  • You are advancing forcefully in Jesus’ name!
  • The dry season of your life comes to an end in the name of Jesus!
  • Receive empowerment for breakthroughs!
  • The exemption power in the anointing oil begins to manifest in your life in the name of Jesus!
  • I pray that your mind be quickened for exploits!
  • Every spell and enchantment working against any area of your life is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
  • Jesus is Lord!

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