Teenagers with Faith Oyedepo

The teenage period is the time when you cross from childhood to adulthood. At this developmental stage, many feel alone, though among multitudes in the world. As a teenager, you are faced with certain emotional changes; your sexual desires are awakened, all of which you must learn to put under control. At this point, your choice of friends can either lead to pressure or pleasure.

Through the Word of God and other inspiring materials that will be coming your way on this site, you will be adequately instructed, counselled, and guided. By the grace of God, you will not miss your place at the top. You probably feel so queer and out of this world, struggling to keep up with the physical changes in your body, with the inability to handle peer pressure or emotional swings. You probably think that no one else understands you.

I am glad to inform you that God sure understands, and somebody somewhere also does! Pastor Faith is a mother in the house, who has raised successful teenagers. She is making herself available to be used of God to counsel, pray and encourage you. You will have a better understanding of this phase of your life, as you stand upon her shoulders, with this website as a medium.

Have the best season as a teenager!

Jan 2018
Fulfilling Purpose (2)

Dear Reader, I believe that from our last discussion on this topic, you have been motivated to enquire about your purpose on the earth and how to walk in it. Someone rightly said that the world will stand for anyone who knows where he/she is going. This is because discovering purpose usually distinguishes a person from the crowd. Discovering your purpose in life and walking in it brings you before great men. As the Bible says: A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men (Proverbs 18:16). In this second segment therefore, I will be......

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Becoming A Useful Youth

Becoming A Useful Youth

Dear Reader, You are welcome to this great and wonderful month. The year is about rounding off, so it is important for us to make resolutions on who we would want to be and how we desire to live our lives before the next year unfolds. Amidst the celebration that comes with this month, we must also always learn...

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