Prophetic Blessings

…blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

Receive this prophetic Word and declare with your mouth that;

Every yoke of limitation in my Spiritual life, health, career, family, children shall be broken this week!
It shall be  for me a week of direct access to answers!
I receive grace to make the most of this week of light, I receive it now!
May this week be memorable for me and my family!
I will get the instruction that will remove every struggle from my life this week!
Every siege on my glorious destiny shall be destroyed by the power of God!
I am  leaving my  wilderness this week!’ 

“I am stepping into the year 2020 breaking limits in all my endeavours, in my spiritual life, in my business, in my career, in my destiny. I receive it, I believe it, and I experience it.

The Bible is full of limit breakers. God has ordained to get me on the list of limit breaking saints.

“The year 2020 is ordained my limit breaking year and I am stepping into the reality of it with faith in God whose hand can make anything happen at anytime. So help me Jesus, to walk into the reality of this limitless grace in all areas of my life. I am breaking limit in my health, I am breaking limit in my family, in the name of Jesus!

Remain Ever Blessed!

Jesus is Lord