Prophetic Blessings

…blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

There is no one that can command exploits in the Kingdom of God on earth without being blessed. It is the blessings of the Lord that turns a wilderness into a forest.

Receive this prophetic Word and declare with your mouth that;

It is by the blessings of the Lord that you are exempted from the wickedness of the wicked.
No evil plot can prosper against the blessed of the Lord.

* This is my year of supernatural opportunities!
* I will be sent for like Joseph and it will change your story forever!
* I will walk into favour like Daniel and it will put you on top of all magicians and powers of the enemy, in the name of Jesus!
* My spiritual authority is changing level this year!
* Death must answer in the camp of my enemies and it is answering with speed!
* The judgement of my enemies is at the door and it will speak suddenly in the open!
* Any devil that dares me or my family, goes down for me!
* Any one that is targeting me for destruction, gets destroyed in my place!
* I see my sweet home becoming sweeter!
* I see my children getting closer to God!
* Whatever cannot be named with Christ will never be named with me!
* The end has come to all the uproar of the powers of darkness over my life!
* My desire to be married is sealed by the blood of Jesus!
*I am locating my God ordained spouse!
* I see my challenged home restored!
* I decree an end to every negative marital issue!
* I receive the meekness to keep flowing in deeper revelation now!
* I receive grace to walk in practical meekness now!
* This year is declared my year of marital settlement!
*I will be divinely located for my miracle marriage this week!
* My heavenly Father is the marriage maker; therefore,I cannot be a marriage beggar!
*I will not miss God’s agenda for my marriage!
* Every marital siege is declared over today!
* I am declared an untouchable entity to the agents of darkness!
* From now, any agent of darkness I confront will be grounded to powder!
* Any agent of darkness that confronts me will be broken to pieces!
* Today marks the end to begging for survival in my life!

Remain Ever Blessed!

Jesus is Lord