Prophetic Blessings

…blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

There is no one that can command exploits in the Kingdom of God on earth without being blessed. It is the blessings of the Lord that turns a wilderness into a forest.

Receive this prophetic Word and declare with your mouth that;

Prophetic Declaration!

You are set free today in the name of Jesus!
Every long standing issue in your life is destroyed today!
God is turning your mourning to glory!
You shall never know set backs again!
It shall be from glory to glory for you!
No more stagnation in your life!
God’s word shall locate you and deliver you!
To everyone in line for a miracle job, I decree your miracle job!
Every confused soul shall find direction!
I decree fruitfulness in all areas of your life!
You shall hear good news this week!
The week is declared a week of good report!
The week is declared a week of testimony!
This week is declare a week of harvest of good things in Jesus Name!
Every tension in your home shall be turn to celebration in Jesus Name!
You are entering the realm of roundabout rest!
Remain Ever Blessed!

Jesus is Lord