Prophetic Blessings

…blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

 Declare these Prophetic Blessings

  • Always go to Jesus with your faith in place, Jesus doesn’t try to heal, He heals!
  • Don’t let the devil plant thoughts of tension in your home. 
  • Receive your instant healing now!
  • Every affliction in your body is destroyed in Jesus’ name!
  • From this day onward, there shall be no day of sickness in your life again in the name of Jesus!
  • Except for childbirth, you will not lay your back on the hospital bed again in the name of Jesus!
  • Everyone set for marriage, as the Lord liveth, you are maritally settled miraculously in Jesus’ name!
  • Every marital siege is broken today!
  • By all means, your marital life is restored!
  • By the Word coming your way, total health and vitality shall be your portion in Jesus’ name!
  • That terminal disease is terminated now in the name of Jesus!
  • That fear of death is cursed in the name of Jesus!
  • That negative report of discomfort is cursed in the mighty name of Jesus!

Jesus is Lord!