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Dear Reader,

Last time, we saw that even as a single, God has a purpose and plan for your life which is, to be successful in all your endeavours. Although the Bible says: Two are better than one,… (Ecclesiastes 4:9), His good plan for your life is not just for when you are married. Today, we will further examine the good plan that God has in store for you as a single.

Many times, I hear singles say that God should give them a good, God-fearing and successful spouse; yet, when you look at their own Christian testimony, it is nothing to write home about.  The Bible says: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). A man of God once said, “Successful Christians make successful Christian couples.”

If you want a successful family, you must first become a successful Christian and there is no better time to do this than your single days. So, make the best of your single days by using this time to make yourself fit for the kind of spouse you want. Someone once said, “The key to success is not so much as marrying the right person but becoming the right person.” It is easy to get carried away looking out for the ‘right person’ and in the process, not prepare yourself for that ‘right person.’

One day, a brother asked me to pray for a marriage partner for him. I asked him if he had read any book on family life. He said he had not. He had obviously not prepared himself for marriage, because he was ignorant of what it takes to have a successful family. Some people go as far as laying out the qualities they want their future spouse to possess without considering whether they themselves are in a right condition for that type of person. Instead of spending all your time assessing people, spend time to make yourself as good as the type of partner you desire.

A sister wrote to me from Ghana and shared this testimony, “I read your book titled, Marriage Covenant several times and prepared myself as good as the man I’ve been praying for. God has been good and gracious to me; He has turned my mourning into dancing and He has put laughter in my mouth. God has blessed me with a wonderful man, who fears and knows the Lord. In fact, God blessed me in grand style with a hardworking man who shares the same vision with me and has devoted himself to the service of God in His vineyard. We are now in courtship by the power of the Most High and by December, we will have our wedding.”

Like I mentioned earlier, the Bible says, Two are better than one which also means you are meant to make life better for your partner, not more difficult. Take a look at your life; are you making things better for those around you at present? Are you a joyful person to have around? If you can’t make life better for the people around you presently, I doubt if you will make life better for your future spouse when he or she arrives. You need to work on yourself.

Next month, we will take a look at more ways to maximize your single years but till then, strive to be A SUCCESSFUL CHRISTIAN.

God’s grace is only available to those who are born again and this is your chance to get born again by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. If you want to be born again, then say this prayer: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. Deliver me from sin and satan to serve the living God. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom.”

Congratulations! You are now born again! All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name. Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through contact@faithoyedepo.org; OR 07026385437 and 08141320204.

For more insight, these books authored by me are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian bookstores: Single with A Difference, A Living Witness, and Make Your Life Count.



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