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It’s exhausting when you are constantly being compared to someone else. Believe me- I know! (I have the most amazing parents, brothers and sister). As children of ministers, I’m sure we all have had people constantly compare us to our parents and/or siblings. It can weigh on you and leave quite a bitter taste in your mouth too. It’s one of those things that are bound to happen though, so it’s important that we learn how to make the best of this “ill- circumstance.”

First, it’s important to note that the fact you are being compared to your family only means that you are the offspring of a good tree. Your roots are firm, and so can only produce good fruit-that is, you. If you are a good fruit then, you cannot but be a success to this generation!

Why are you and I special, and why should we believe that we can be the best and brightest of the world’s “best and brightest”? Why should we believe that coming from such great and blessed families, we can’t be anything but great? Well, because the one thing no one can beat you at is being you. You have the upper hand. Even if you believe in just this one thing for now, you KNOW that you’re the only you there is and no one can be better at that than YOU.

How amazing God is, that He made one of you, so you could be the best at everything unique to you! I love how even in our weaknesses, God shows us more of ourselves and not more of someone else. I remember when I was much younger, I had this wonderful friend called Ayo. She drew the most beautiful Mickey Mouse ears I have ever seen. We’d go to each other’s houses and just draw, while we talked about the most random things. Each time, I would ask her to draw Mickey Mouse just so I could trace her drawings of his ears and I still wouldn’t get it right!

I tried using pieces from our Math set, pictures under my drawing, practice, and more practice – Nothing worked! Those ears were just out to get me! Up until this day and as much as I admire Mickey, I still can’t get those ears right. It used to bother me and I’d whine over how terrible my drawing was and how Ayo was always just so “perfect” at everything, and by everything, I only always meant the drawing of those ears.

At that point, God was working on me and He knew I needed that process to realize that although I might not always be the best at “evverythiinnngg”, I would be special at a few others peculiar to me. He wanted to teach me my worth so that I then could help others realize and understand theirs. He wanted to show me some of my imperfections, so I could remain focused on my perfection in Him.

I realized quickly that drawing that half-round, half-oval ears of Mickey was a gift my friend had, but that didn’t mean I was gift-less. It meant God had so much more for me in a different area. If I were seated drawing and struggling with God about not giving me that gift, I might not be focused on the gift He gave me- writing.  It took me a while, but I realized that though I might not be the best at some things, every day I remain the very best “me” there ever will be! That’s the beauty in self-acceptance.

With over 19,000 and 3,000 people now following me on Facebook and twitter respectively, it only goes to show that even in my weaknesses, lies my beauty.(Isaiah 60:22)! I am amazed! I don’t live for myself anymore, I live to encourage those who see a message from me daily. I live to tell my story and the work God continuously does in my life, so you could see that He wants to do the same and much more for you, if only you’ll let Him.

Step one, though, is accepting your beauty- including all of your many weaknesses. Only then can you begin to see the true beauty in life.

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Remain blessed.

Your friend,

Joys Oyedepo


  • UtetheK 09-07-2016

    …Truth makes free! Remarkable insight, remain ever blessed 🙂 Pastor Joys Oyedepo 🙂

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