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It takes Commitment
“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”
-Proverbs 22:29-

When you ask anyone who has achieved something or is in the verge of achieving a goal what it takes or took to get there, they will always include commitment. The value of being committed to a thing of uttermost interest to you cannot be over emphasized. It takes great commitment to accomplish great results and the more committed you are to anything, the higher you fly in it.
There is no doubt that God has good packages for you this year, particularly during this season of prayer and fasting, but you must be committed to ensuring that every of your package is delivered to you in time. Read this glorious testimony of a brother who engaged committed and seven years joblessness was terminated. He said:
“I joined this winning family on January 7, 1996 at Raji Oba, and later joined the Hospitality Service Group on August 13, 2000.
Ever since, I have served God faithfully on the Winners Satellite Fellowship platform at the Zonal level.
During the ongoing 21-day prayer and fasting, the Bishop said that on his expectation card he had only one prayer point that concerned him, while the rest were Kingdom-centred. So, I did same.
While reading one of recommended books for the month, titled, Winning Prayer, on page 96 to 97, the Bishop revealed what to do when looking for a job. I got seven scriptures from there, which were the seven stones that broke the devil’s back in my situation.
During the second week of the fast, the Bishop said we should get the book, Born to Win, after he referred to a testimony of a man in Calabar, who read the book from Calabar to Port Harcourt and experienced his turnaround.
The next day, I rushed down to the church facility at Raji Oba and bought the book. When I got it, I laid hands on it, and said, ‘God, let the Spirit behind the letters of this book also impart me. I want that same testimony to be replicated in my life.’
I read the book to chapter five, before the service started. After that service, I saw a text message inviting me to come for my appointment letter. When I got there, I resumed immediately and God terminated seven years of career stagnation in my life!”—Momoh Joseph
If he got his testimony through committed obedience to prophetic words, you too will receive your testimony this time. Indeed, that issue of long continuance is declared expired this minute!
Remain Blessed!


  • ANN 28-08-2017

    Am blessed by what ure doing mama,God bless u maightly

  • Stanley Eduwhu 06-07-2016

    if every woman is like mama faith oyedepo the world will be heaven on earth. God bless you Ma.

  • jacinta 24-06-2016

    Amen for the testimony, I need help here is my Facebook jecyoha

  • jacinta 24-06-2016

    A lady who wants to be always with God, but distraction won’t allow me. I believe in faith oyedepo’s books at least I ve read two books I just need more to read, I seriously need a spiritual advice and mentor.

  • Anthonia Iduozee 16-05-2016


  • Bro Nwachukwu 13-01-2016


  • Mundi Patrick 08-01-2016

    These two books have always produced results in my life. I return all the glory to God.

  • Favor L. Wesseh 08-01-2016

    Amen Amen Momie

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