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God had been working on me for a little over three months regarding an organization called, “Women Of The God Kind.” It began as a way to showcase women I highly respect who walked/ are still walking the path of God; women who motivate me to love Him more. A few weeks later though, the idea grew to possibly being a website; so, I bought a domain. I relaxed on things for a little while and then one day, almost suddenly, God began to really work on me concerning it. So, one beautiful Sunday, I was not at peace being so lax about it. So, I bought hosting, began building the website (www.womenoftheGodkind.org) and then 3 days later, decided to announce to the world a launch date, which was 4 days from that day!

Now, it was real! I had announced to the world and definitely could not be lax about it anymore. So, I sat up, worked hard, and was determined to make it work. Deciding to push myself beyond my current limits by designing it all by myself (rather than receiving help from any one of my anointed technical friends), the dedication had to be real! I spent nights and countless hours on the phone, chatting with my hosting company, searching all through YouTube for help videos, etc., just so I could learn to work with and edit css – a programming language I had never before used. But, I was determined. God gave me an assignment and I was so determined I would not fail Him. No matter the disappointments, no matter the struggles, I was determined – and still am – to make Him proud. So, giving up was not permitted in my thoughts.

Four days later, on a beautiful Sunday morning (in the country that I was at), what seemed like a long- awaited website, was launched. I received messages from old friends, people I had barely met and even those I had never before met- asking how they can be a part of bringing the vision together. There were those I was to work with, in the past, concerning plans for the Women Of The God Kind Organization but their words didn’t match their actions. Did I get discouraged? Absolutely not! When God says a thing and backs you up, ALL things will fall in place. I remember nights and early mornings during those 4 days when I would talk to my mum and say, “I feel like God is leading me to adding this to the website.” Or “As I was doing my bible study this morning, it was clear as day to me that God wants me to include this.” She would pray with me for strength and grace to walk only according to His leading.

During this time I notified my family and could show it to some of them (who were around) through the process, so that they were somewhat involved but as much as I love them, they were not my “command” for the website – The Lord was. As HE led me, I followed. He chose with me every-single-thing! From the colour, to the theme, to the dimensions, the tabs and the focus of the content, I let God lead me. More importantly though, I followed as He led me.

So, today, this is my charge to you: Do not let God lead you in vain. Do not let Him guide you in vain. As He gives you an instruction, listen closely and follow sternly. Trust me; growth in God is self-motivating. So as He leads you through one hurdle, trust that He knows what He’s doing.

The lives He uses the website, www.womenoftheGodkind.org to bless today, who knows who He would have chosen instead if I didn’t heed to His call? How many of you should today be running your own Non- Profit organisations or leading your own world-wide businesses; if only you had heeded to His last call. But not to worry, God always gives us second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and on and on chances. So, make a decision today to follow the next prompting of the Holy Spirit your recieve, not waiting for crazy signs like pink skies, yellowonly rainbows or dancing blue antelopes as may have been in your vision. Trust God enough to walk in line with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. As He leads you, follow— many lives are tied to it.

However, you must have Christ in your life to know the way of God on every issue in life. This simply means that you must be born again and you can only do so by having a personal relationship with Him. You can do this by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. That way, you will be saved. If you are ready to be saved, please say this prayer: “Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I am a sinner. I can’t help myself. Forgive me of my sins. From today, I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Thank You Jesus for saving me. Now, I know I am born again.”

Congratulations! I am so excited for you and look forward to reading or hearing your testimonies. Till I come your way next time, please write or call to share your testimonies with me through contact@faithoyedepo.org and prisaj91@yahoo.com, Tel: 08141320204; 07026385437.  You can connect with me on my Facebook page, “Women Of The God Kind”, also on twitter (@woftheGodkind) and Instagram(@womenoftheGodkind); and my blog –www.womenoftheGodkind.org!

For more insight, these books authored by Pastor Faith Oyedepo are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian Bookstores: Making Marriage Work, Marriage Covenant, A Living Witness, Make your Life Count and Singles with a Difference.

Remain ever blessed!

Joys Oyedepo


  • ADEDOKUN MICHAEL O. 吕叶 19-11-2015

    Of a truth by the Holy Ghost, I knew that you having a call to have a web site will soon evolve because as I was reading through your write ups or articles from Mummy’s website under the caption “Children of the Ministers of God” while in China, Hunan Province. I am so blessed and inspired by all that you wrote by taking time out each day, from when I was led by the Holy Spirit to navigate to other writers on the website. God is truly an ever faithful God. More grace, more wisdom, more of God’s divine presence, deeper revelation and greater impact in Jesus’ Most Precious name. AMEN!!!!!!!!
    You haven’t seen anything yet, not even a tip of the iceberg. Just as you said, keep following the faithful caller who has called you, started it and will continue to do it. I like your spirit. Remain blessed!!!!!!!

  • oreoluwa adeyinka 19-11-2015

    Needed to read this…

  • ADORATION N. OKO 18-11-2015

    Truth… We must of necessity heed promptly God’s leading and nudging concerning getting His assignment for us.
    Blessed God for the sensitive you had to pick up His leading on this amazing and destiny changing assignment designed to do even more than you can envisage now.
    The world of women is being designed and ordained to be revolutionized through this platform worldwide. Many Deborahs, Esthers, Ruths, Faith Oyedepos, etc shall be raised through this platform who will change the world with their positive influence.
    Truly, I am proud of you, beloved. The influence of your personality and demeanor is unmatched. Indeed, I see an incredible hand of God upon your incredible life… More grace to your elbows….

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