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           I welcome to you the second edition in this teaching series. We started by looking at what commitment actually means. I hope you have taken advantage of the last teaching to examine yourself to know if you are really committed to your marriage.  I want you to know that all hope is not lost. God can give you peace in place of problems, joy where there has been sorrow, and a breakthrough for your breakdowns.  He can calm the sea in your home like He did in Mark 4:37-39, and their boat stopped rocking. Today, by the special grace of God, we shall be looking at: Two Levels of Commitment

You have commitment to God and to man (your spouse). However, one precedes the other. That is, one is the foundation for the other. A look at Hebrews 3:4 reveals that although every house is built by man, God is the ultimate builder of all things. That means apart from God, all your building efforts will amount to nothing.  John 15:5 reiterates this truth.

“…For without me ye can do nothing.”

  1. Commitment to God

Show me a man who is genuinely committed to the Lord, and I will show you one who will be committed to the success of his family. They go hand- in-hand.  Any man or woman who is committed to God will, without difficulty, be committed to his or her spouse.

I remember on September 12, 1976, my husband (then my fiancé) called me and said, “Are you sure you can marry a man like me?” He wrote a paper he titled “Sailing Under Sealed Orders”. I love a particular closing remark he made in that write up.  He said, “Christ is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. Where He sends, I will go, what He says, I will do. Even if He asks me to renounce all, I will not even think twice before I do.”

Then he asked me to sign, if I agreed with the content. I could see his commitment to God and His kingdom, and since I was also committed to God, I knew without doubt that we were going in the same direction.

That is why wherever God tells my husband to go today, I don’t see myself as having a right to question God or even ask “Why?”  I signed up for it many years ago.  When we are leaving a city, I don’t say, “Oh, what about my friends?”  God is greater than anyone else!

Our commitment to God is so deep that I don’t feel bad if during a church service my husband whispers in my ears that we are giving an offering of so many millions to God. This is because I signed up for total commitment to God in 1976.

  1. Commitment to Your Spouse

A successful marriage also requires commitment to your spouse. Without this, no amount of prayer, fasting, and “sleeping” in church can prevent your home from falling apart. Nothing can take the place of commitment in the building of a successful marriage.

Commitment is the framework on which a marriage is built. A man and his wife must, therefore, be totally committed to each other spiritually, physically and emotionally. Commitment in turn brings security.

A successful marriage must be exclusive; involving no other. It is one man and one woman, in one life-time relationship. Each spouse must commit to “forsake all others”.

 For example, a woman must be so committed to her husband that no amount of money any other man offers her to have illicit sex with her will be strong enough to make her give it a second thought. So also, a man must be so committed to his wife that if his wife and mother were both in a state of emergency and needed rescue, he will naturally rescue his wife first before his mother.

The two levels of commitment we have discussed above can be compared to the hob of a bicycle, which holds all the spokes of the wheel together. However, no matter how effective the spokes may be, without the hob, the bicycle is going nowhere. Therefore, without commitment, no matter what else is in place, that family is going nowhere.

In case you are reading this article today, and you are not born again, there is no way you can be committed to God. And without commitment to God, you cannot be committed to your spouse. You need to be committed to God first by giving your life to Christ. You want to be born again? You need to say this prayer of faith: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. I accept You as my Lord and personal Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for delivering me from sin and satan to serve the living God and thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom.

Congratulations! If you prayed this simple prayer of faith with me, you are now born again and a child of God. He loves you and will never leave you. Read your Bible daily, obey God’s Word and seek Christian fellowship (John 14:21).

With this, you are guaranteed all-round rest and peace in Jesus’ Name! Call or write to share your testimonies with me through, 07026385437 OR 08141320204.

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