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Be prepared!
“Miracle Job!
“Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.”
-Amos 4:12-

Every outstanding accomplishment begins with adequate preparation. This entails taking actions in ensuring that your desired goal is achieved. Surprisingly, benefiting from any spiritual exercise also requires preparation. That is putting your heart right, searching scriptures and letting go of possible distraction, so you can be guaranteed of your rewards.
One thing is sure, God has ordained this prayer and fasting period for your lifting, but you might not get anything from it if you don’t adequately prepare. This why all through this week, God is giving you an opportunity to re-organize yourself for maximum impact this season. Someone in his testimony said:
Miracle Job!
“A week before the commencement of the 21-day prayer and fasting for 2015, I kept hearing, ‘How can you be using the same approach and expect a different result?’ When I inquired from God, I discovered that I had not been fasting and I didn’t take heed to spiritual instructions.
I asked God for the way out and as a result, I disconnected from ungodly friends. In the first week of the 21-day prayer and fasting, I discovered that I had peace. By the second week, I began to receive calls of favour. The first two was for employment because I left my previous place of work in 2014 and since then, I believed God for another job.
I went to the organization on Thursday and met the man in charge. After the One Night with the King Service, he told me to meet him at the Faith entrance of the Church. On getting there, I received my letter of employment. Praise the Lord!”—Taiwo Salami
Therefore, you must seek to engage in this fast with a different approach from previous times. Use these preparatory days to inquiry of the Lord what you need to do differently to receive your desired breakthrough. As you do this, expect a positive change this time. Indeed, your turn for a re-branding is now!
Remain Blessed!


  • Natasha Chamangwana 09-01-2017

    Amen Ma

  • Eunice 06-08-2016

    Amen, thank you mummy

  • Lelezi Eunice 04-06-2016

    Thanks mummy for the powerful word of God. May God give u more to continue Amen.

  • Fred George 06-01-2016

    What a blessing! Thanks.

  • ibk 06-01-2016

    Thank you Ma for the word of God, you are a blessing.

  • Emmanuel Elue 06-01-2016

    Amen thanks you mummy

  • funmi 06-01-2016

    Am blessed. Remain blessed Ma.

  • Mundi Patrick 06-01-2016

    Thank you Mama for feeding us everyday with fresh revelation. God bless you . I offer to translate these devotional messages regularly to French for the French population. I am a French Zonal Minister: Area 1 Region 83 District 1 Zone 3 Telephone: 09097265025

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