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In the past segment, we discussed the issue of making the best of your time while single. We have seen that developing a close relationship with God and finding an area of service to Him, are good ways of spending your time while single because it holds profit now and later in life (1 Timothy 4:8). Today, we will examine other profitable ways of spending your time while single.

Being Single Is A Time To:

  • Develop A Strong Christian Character

Having a foundation of purity makes the difference between those who enjoy their single days and have a peaceful family, and those who experience difficulties in their families. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit (1 Corinthians 7:34). It is not enough to go to church, your lifestyle must show that Christ is in you. As a single man/woman, godly character should become your watchword; people should be able to say, “I want to follow you to church.”

Being rude, disrespectful, argumentative, lazy or immoral has never been rewarded positively, so refuse that kind of lifestyle. Shun immorality; if you are not virtuous before you get married, you won’t be when you are married. If as a single man, you can’t live a life of purity now, it will be difficult for you to do so even after you are married.

Building up your Christian character is a seed that guarantees harvest in later years. Unfortunately, this is lacking in the lives of so many singles. You need to address this area of your life, if you want to enjoy your single days and your future in general. Cultivating a strong Christian character is a very vital aspect of your single days.

  • Develop New Skills

Use your time productively in developing new skills. While single, there is opportunity to develop new skills without additional financial responsibilities that a family generates. It’s a time to get the right purpose for living and the right career to follow. Recently, a brother that I counseled testified saying: “Thank you for that advice; it has done great things in my life. I gained admission to study architecture in Lagos State polytechnic; it was a dream come true. Just like you said, it has really affected my social life positively and added more colour to my testimonies. Also, it is the right course of study as a career for me.”

You cannot amount to anything in life without pursuing a purpose for living. The good news is, it’s not too late. Wake up and take action just like this lady shared in her testimony:

“You inspired me with the testimony of an elderly woman abroad who despite her age, returned to school. I don’t know what others around me heard but I heard you admonishing me. I heard you say exactly, ‘You must be formally educated.’ I knew it was time I woke up from my sleep.

I was a disappointment to my family because I got pregnant and had two sons between 1994 & 1996, instead of studying. At this time, I had already been disgraced by the fact that all my mates were graduates and professionals in their fields. The word hit me when you said, ‘I have the mind of Christ’ and so ‘I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.’ Immediately, I was filled with excitement and the following day, I left for LASU. I had always wanted to be a lawyer, so I went to find out if the Diploma in Law forms were on sale while I waited for JAMB. They were not available, instead a form for Diploma in Theatre Arts, TV & Film production was on sale. I decided to take it believing the Lord had not blessed me with only one talent and so, the journey began. The programme came to a successful end last year and I was even distinguished with two awards out of the ten available. In the course of the programme, I put in for JAMB and I am now studying for BA in English. Thanks a lot mama, I acknowledged your insight in my project” – D. E.


Don’t be a single man/lady dreaming that one day, you will find a partner; rather, go and learn a skill. There is no man or woman who wants to marry a liability. Learning a skill or trade enhances your dignity as an individual because it is only people of purpose that will amount to anything in this end-time. During your single days, there is ample time to locate the right purpose, get the appropriate knowledge, training or skill to function successfully as a wife or husband tomorrow. This is your chance, don’t lose it!

The first step to take if you desire to spend your single days wisely is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. If you want to, then say this prayer: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. Deliver me from sin and satan to serve the living God. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom.”

Congratulations! You are now born again! All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name. Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through contact@faithoyedepo.org; OR 07026385437 and 08141320204.

For more insight, these books authored by me are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian bookstores: Single with A Difference, A Living Witness, and Make Your Life Count.

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