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Be Addicted
“O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.”
-Psalms 119:97-

I was privilege to speak to someone about Christ sometime ago and the person complained of how he was addicted to a particular habit and didn’t know how to get out of it. He made it sound so serious, like there was no way out of it. So, I made him realise that even though addictions are controlled by a “strong force”, the power of right choice will always supersede it (Deuteronomy 30:19).
While thinking about the scenario with him, I realised that we are all addicted to one thing or another. To some, their addictions are negative and harmful habits, while to some others they are profitable habits such as work, reading, art etc. However, all of these addictions come with an exception that if not properly handled will be harmful to you.
I know that at this point, you might be thinking of what you are addicted to. Before your thought goes far, take another look at what the riding Scripture says: oh how love I thy law! it is my meditation all day. The law is God’s Word. So, it implies that King David, who happens to be the writer of this verse, was addicted to something – God’s Word. Waoh! That’s a good addiction right?
This is the best habit to be addicted to. Reading the Word! No other addiction can be compared with it and there are no side effects, just a transition from one level of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18). Wouldn’t you love that! I love to be addicted to the Word. It is my earnest prayer that I wouldn’t go an hour without searching for what the Word has for me. It can also be your habit too.
God’s Word doesn’t just enlighten you; it builds your faith against all adversities and wiles of the devil. It keeps you strong as a rock. Such that, you don’t get moved by anything no matter whom it’s coming from. Yes, you might have had some encounters with God, but when you make His Word an addiction, your access to light which guarantees your unquestionable breakthroughs becomes unlimited. Receive grace to be a Word addict today in Jesus’ name!
Remain Blessed!


  • noye okpala 07-01-2018

    Lord I receive the Grace to be a Lover Of your word

  • Emmanuel 03-01-2018

    Lord give me the grace to b addicted to your word.
    Its all i ask for. Thank you lord for answering me.

    Thanks mama, may u live long.

  • Rosemary 03-08-2017

    I’ve missed a lot, thank you very much, mama. thank you for sharing this secret with us. Lord, please give me the grace to be addicted to your word and every thing that pertains to your kingdom.

    • Funmilola 17-08-2017

      In the Name Of Jesus AM addicted to the word of God (AMEN) Great Grace Mummy And Daddy

  • Imade 21-06-2017

    Lord engrace me to be addicted to your word all the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus

  • Ekezie ifeanyi Simple 06-06-2017

    Thank God I got my first certificate in this ministry yesterday after a glorious believer school I am now a member..please ma, pray for me so that this new found happiness don’t depart from me, I want to move on to the next level..I am tired of stagnation and lack of progress in my life..I will make it in Jesus name amen.

  • Ernest Emah 30-04-2017

    Lord engrace me to be addicted to your word all day long in Jesus name. Amen

  • David 04-07-2016

    Father, I receive grace to be addicted to your word., IN the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you Mummy

  • Theo Idolor 30-06-2016

    Thank God am here now. What a wonderful motivation I got from your message. Thank you ma.

  • Oluwaseyi Wusu 25-06-2016

    Amen the grace to be addicted to His word more I received in Jesus name Amen and thanks for the encouragement ma

  • Valentine 10-06-2016

    How do I overcome the addiction to masturbation.
    I have tried and prayed over it too, but I can only stop awhile only for to get back to it again.

  • Victor B. J George 07-06-2016

    Thanks for the inspiring word.To God be all the glory

    • Helen A. 12-06-2016

      Thank u Lord for I know my case is settled through this massage I return all glory to u Lord

  • MERCYIMADE 01-06-2016

    I am bless with this message Thank you ma.

  • philo iwekogwu 27-05-2016

    All Glory be to GOD

  • Bless God for this message I am really blessed because after reading through it melt away my addiction…. My addiction is fear and anxiety 23-05-2016

    I am really blessed with this message after reading it melt away my addiction my fear and anxiety all disappear….. Glory be to God

  • Beatrice Owusu Ashia 22-05-2016


  • Leticia fouete 18-05-2016

    I receive the grace to be God’s word addict. Thank u ma’a

    • uduak johnson 25-05-2016

      I received grace from Almighty God. Amen

  • Andrew chukwubuikem 09-05-2016

    Am a winner

  • Gloria 30-04-2016

    I receive grace to be addicted to the word because that is my heart desire

  • Mrs blessing 21-04-2016

    Am so blessed, I have receive the grace to be addicted to God’s word. Hallelujah

  • Sam 18-04-2016

    No other addiction could be better than the word of God
    Am so blessed, God bless u Ma.

    • Icheme John 22-04-2016

      I am blessed with your motivated devotion. God help me to be addicted to your word

  • fidlis 17-04-2016

    Thanks for this wonderful devotional motivator that made me to know my position with the Lord.My addication has been clearly stated today.

  • King Queen 12-04-2016

    Am blessed to have stumbled into this, may God continually keep you for His glory.
    Thank you ma, am happy, you have inspired my day.

  • favour kwae 02-04-2016

    Bishop I will like to hear from you always. Sir you were sent to me.

  • Vera 29-03-2016

    To God alone be the Glory Hallelujah

  • odiase wynetter 23-03-2016

    Hello Ma,
    I am an ardent reader of this devotional I stumbled upon this be addicited its indeed relates to what I am going through right now I would say am addicted to worrying about what the future holds for me. But upon getting a new insight today on what david wrote on how much he loved the law of God I have a new conviction in my heart that God has taken over and he is just starting with me. Thank you for being a source of blessing to me and to the world

  • Obiagwu Godday 29-02-2016

    I really enjoyed the devotion

    • Helen A. 12-06-2016

      Thank u Jesus for taking away dat burden thru dis massage I return all glory to u Lord.

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