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When we talk about someone or something being hungry, we consider living things. Only problem is, we never consider God and He is living too. Think about that for a moment.



On the 21st of December 2014, I was following through with my now almost regular Sunday routine and was serving at one of the Children’s church classes in my church. The lady who took up the stand after our initial praise session gave a short charge and somewhere in between she asked the class, “or don’t you know that God too is hungry?” I had been talking with some of the children prior to that but the sentence alone caught me in my tracks.


When I was much younger, my parents had various teacher come home to allow us have extra lessons. We had teachers for various school subjects such as Math and Science but also had music and Bible teachers. You read that right: we had BIBLE lessons!


It was a time of so many wonderful experiences and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. During that time, I learnt so much about the person of God, His works, and my person in Him. So, the lady that taught me all those years was the one standing in front of me that day and for the first time, in all my knowledge of Him, I saw Him. He was hungry- and it was for the one thing he couldn’t do for Himself.


Psalm 150 tells us not only tells us where, how, why, and with what to praise God but ends with who should praise God. It says: Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LordPraise the Lord (v.6)

God wants us to praise Him. To dedicate an entire chapter in the Bible to this is more than enough emphasis.

Just as we eat daily (and for most, 2- 3 times daily), God also wants us to praise him daily because that’s the food He eats.


When we praise Him, we feed Him and in that sense, energize Him on our behalf. It puts Him on the position of strength to go to war on our behalf. He becomes overprotective of us because the one who feeds Him regularly, He has to protect. The food source must be protected and so the person must be protected. You as the one who offers the praises, God will protect.


Having grown up in a praise- prone environment myself, I have seen with my own two eyes and reaped in my own two hands, the benefits of praise.


Praise God with all of you. Make Him bless you. Make Him committed to you. Your portion, no one will take, in Jesus name.


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Remain blessed.


Your friend,

Joys Oyedepo


  • prince samuel 31-05-2017

    I have discovered the truth about this bulletin,it is truth about who God is? Prasies make him move faster than he does when is not praise.thank you joy.

  • Ettentuk I. Eno 24-03-2015

    Wonderful Teaching for Pastors’s children, even parents or anyone can learn or profit from this. Good work, keep it up.

  • Emmanuel Moses 04-02-2015

    Wonderful article.

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