“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

-2 Corinthians 5:17-

A beautiful young lady told a story. She woke up one morning, filled with so many thoughts; thoughts of guilt, shame, emptiness, depression, and anger. She was angry at herself, her parents, her past, society, and even the little objects she had surrounding her at the time, in her home. Everything just felt displaced. Apparently, she had been through a lot and it seemed like life wasn’t fair.

But there was something else.

She kept hearing the soft but commanding voice of this preacher, telling her that she could begin all over again, if only she would come to God. She thought of it all through that day: how she could face God and ask Him for forgiveness, after she had betrayed His love for her.

Yes, He had been faithful to her and saved her so many times, but she still knew there was more to Him than just His saving power. She needed Him to fill that emptiness inside of her, and open that line of communication so she could talk deeply with Him on issues that only He could handle. The challenge was with where to begin; because to her, she had gone too far away to come back.

Many of you today are in her shoes. You know deeply that you need God in your life, but you feel you have gone too far to turn back now. You wonder if the all pure God could possibly accept you again. You have the devil in one ear reminding you of all your past mistakes: your impure thoughts, your fornication, your lies; and you feel all hope is lost.

I’ve come with the good news today! God’s hands are open wide. He is eagerly waiting for you to run back into them; just like the prodigal son did. He misses you! He cradled you when you were born and wants to cradle you again as a born-again Christian. He has so much good in store for you and can’t want to see you experience it all. He looks through the doors and windows, awaiting your return.

What will you do?

Won’t you run back into His arms? Those arms that strengthened you when you were once weak and provided for you before you even became hungry? Those arms that protect you from all danger, seen and unseen, and give you peaceful sleep? He’s all you need- He’s your guide, your protector, your Father, and your bridegroom. He once again awaits the coming of His bride.

To accept Him back into your life therefore, say these exact words: “Father I know I have sinned and right now feel unworthy, but by Your mercies, I know You can save and forgive me. Lord, I ask that You save me. I ask that You forgive me. Cleanse and wash me with your precious Blood of Jesus; and Make me one of Your choice servants. Thank you for I know you have heard me. I now am your son/ daughter. In Jesus precious name, Amen.”

Having said that with a sincere heart, you now have taken the first step to a fresh start. Here on out, remember to forgive yourself. Release yourself from that torture your mind may take you through, and fully accept God’s power to heal you from every hurt. The Holy Spirit now resides inside of you so utilize Him in keeping on the right track.

You are precious in God’s eyes, and He would do everything to keep you, if only you let Him.

Congratulations! You are now born again! All round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name.

Remain Blessed!


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